Assignment Guidelines for IT-130

These guidelines apply to all assignments for IT-130 – unless I specify something different in the assignment itself.

Follow the directions for the assignment! Unless the directions say otherwise, for every assignment you must do the following:

1.     HTML files must have the file names specified in the directions. If the directions do not specify a name, you may use any appropriate name (ie: follow naming conventions such as lower case, underscores between words, etc). There will be a penalty for submissions that do not follow the directions for file names.

2.     All pages must have the basic document tags:  html, head, title, body

3.     Upload your HTML files and image files (if any) to the correct directory on the web server.

Submitting your assignments to COL Web:

a.     Login to COL Web using your Campus Connect username and password.

b.     Select IT130 from the My Current Courses list. Click Submit Assignments. You should see the assignment, e.g., Assignment 1.

c.      Write the URL (address) to your uploaded webpage in the comments section so that the grader can quickly go to your web site.
URLs that are missing or that do not work will receive a 0.

d.     Only attach the required file.  That is, even if the assignment requires you to upload multiple files, each assignment will only require that you attach to your COL submission one of those files.

e.      It is up to you to double check to confirm that you have submitted the correct file and URL and that COL Web has accepted it.

f.       COL allows you to resubmit assignments as many times as you like until the deadline for submissions has passed. For this reason, you may still see the ‘Submit’ button even if you have already submitted your assignment.