Assignment #2


This assignment has you creating two short web pages.  You may find that you need to review certain parts of the lectures, but you have been given all of the tools you need in order to fulfill all of the requirements here.  For example, in some cases, I ask you to look up certain things on your own, but again, we have practiced going to a reference and figuring out how to do this.


First page: Create an HTML page called ‘favorite_artists.htm’.


Search the web for 4-5 of your favorite bands/singers teams that have websites.  Create an unordered list of them based on your favorites.   Hyperlink each name to singer’s website.  If you prefer, feel free to choose another topic such as favorite sports teams / knitting techniques / computer science profs, etc. 



Second page: Create another HTML page called ‘restaurant.htm’.


Create a list of a few different foods in the following categories:  Sandwiches,  Drinks, Desserts. Create these categories using an h2 tag.


To submit:

-          Be sure that you fulfill all of the requirements for the assignment – use the checklist. Remember that you do NOT need to include any requirements that have not yet been discussed in lecture.

-          Upload all relevant files to your account on the web server.

-          In COL, Attach the html file (but not the images) for the restaurant.htm page. 

-          In COL, in the comments section, write the URL to each of your pages. Be sure that you have entered the URL correctly – if the grader copies your link into the browser and it doesn’t work, then you will not receive any credit for that question!