IT-130 Mendelsohn

Assignment #1


This is a very simple assignment with the goal of getting everyone started creating basic web pages. In terms of grading, the emphasis will be on following all programming conventions we have discussed to date (e.g. file names with underscores, etc), proper use of whitespace, respecting case, etc.


Create a web page in which you have 2 headings. The first will be an ‘About Me’ section, and the second will be a summary of a short article I’d like you to read.


About Me

In this section, write a short paragraph telling me about yourself. In another paragraph (or more if you like), tell me about an outside hobby/art/sport or other interest of yours.


Summary of ‘Curve of Forgetting’ article. 

On the class web page, click on the ‘Articles’ link at the top. In that web page, click on the article titled ‘Curve of Forgetting’. Write a short paragraph (use the ‘p’ tag!) paraphrasing the article.


Each of these headings should be in an h2 font.


Your page might look something like this:


About Me:                            

My name is Bob Smith.  I am from Seattle and I moved to Chicago because I ….. 


Curve of Forgetting:                              

This article describes….


That’s it!  So, this assignment is quite an easy one, but it does require applying nearly all of the concepts we’ve discussed so far. Be sure that you are comfortable with them.


This assignment is due next Monday at 1:00, central time. 



·        Remember that while the assignments are posted on the class web page, they are submitted via COL.  So to submit:

1.   Log in to COL and click on ‘Assignment #1’ , then click on the green ‘Submit’ button. 

2.   Under ‘Edit Submission Details’, click on the ‘Browse’ button and attach the HTML file you created.

3.   Remember that COL will stop accepting assignments at the stated deadline – so be sure not to wait until the last minute to turn it in! I have to be fair to everybody, and need to draw the line somewhere – so the COL submission deadline is it! To be safe, try and submit your assignments at least 5 minutes before the deadline!