POSSIBLE TITLES: Using Email (would like to keep this title as is) How to Use Email This workshop is designed to provide individuals with the necessary information needed to make use of their email accounts. Designed to teach individuals how to use the email accounts given them by the university. Will also discuss reading and sending News from individual accounts.

Learn how to use the Email accounts provided by the university to send and receive mail anywhere on the internet using the Pine mail utility. Attendees will learn how to create folders for organizing their mail. Using Pine to read and post to Usenet newsgroups with focus on course related groups. Finally, this workshop will show how to send and receive binary files (such as word processing documents, pictures and sounds) via email. Students attending this workshop should come with their address and password information as they will be actively using those accounts during the workshop. If you are unsure of your address and/or password, please call 325-7000 xQRST.