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EasyHelp/Web is designed for authors and programmers who want to make either Windows Help files or Internet Web pages quickly and easily from Word for Windows documents. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word you will be able to produce on-line hypertext versions of your paper based documents in minutes.

Over the next few weeks these pages will be developed to give you access to all the information you need on EasyHelp/Web, along with some special offers.

Software available for download

It couldn't be easier... no forms to fill in... no crippled versions... no nonsense... just try it out, and when you are ready... contact us to register the software.

Alternative Download Sites!

There have been some problems with our file download area. Unfortunately these problems are out of our control so we have provided some alternative download places for you to try.

A brief overview

A brief look at the benefits of using EasyHelp/Web and a summary of some of its features.

Unlike other products that claim to do everything automatically, EasyHelp/Web realises that producing good results often requires some human effort, but when it is required, it will be easy for you.

What users say about EasyHelp/Web

Some unsolicited comments...

Getting started

Follow four simple steps and you are productive in minutes! And make sure you read about the common mistakes new users make.

Frequently asked questions

Look in here for some answers to common questions. Mail us if your question is not in here. Also you will find some additional notes and keypoints from our training course.

Version history

EasyHelp/Web is always being improved by taking notice of the excellent feedback from users. So if it does not do exactly what you need it to do now please let us know.

The user guide

Please note... EasyHelp/Web has been improved over recent months, but unfortunately many of these improvements are not documented in this guide. A new improved set of paper manuals and more comprehensive on-line help are under construction.

Get in touch now! If you are trying out the software and have problems take advantage of our no obligation support for unregistered users.

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