Resources for CSC-241

Installing Python

Download site for Python. Be sure that you do NOT download any version beginning in a '2' such as Python 2.7. Instead, download any version 3.6 or greater. IMPORTANT: If you are given the option to add Python to your "PATH", you should say YES.


We will be using CodeLab during most lectures, labs, and on homework assignments. You must therefore register for this resource. Information on how to register can be found here.

Misc files for use during the course

Note: Right-click the file and save to your local drive in the same folder as the code where you are using it.
cities_by_continent.csv | dermatology.csv | duplicates.txt | example.txt | no_duplicates.txt | poppins.txt | sample.txt | student_info.csv | student_grades.csv | transactions.csv | weblog.txt | widget_sales.txt |

Python Documentation Links

Python API.

Lab Section

Information such as the rubric for your lab grades can be found here.

Exam Info