CSC 241: Introduction to Computer Science I

Accessing and using CodeLab

CodeLab was developed by TuringsCraft and can be found at or During class, on labs, and on assignments for this class you will be required to complete exercises using the CodeLab system. This document describes how to obtain access to CodeLab and how to log into the CodeLab system. Make sure that you read this page in its entirety before you start using the CodeLab system.

Getting access to the site

In order to use CodeLab you need to register on the site.  To do this, go to the TuringsCraft site ( or and select "Register for CodeLab". Choose as your email address something that you check frequently. Click that you're not a robot and press the submit button. After you've done that you should receive an email with information to complete your registration.

During the registration process you'll need to provide a name. Make sure that it's a name that I will recognize, since it's the name that will appear on my roster for the section. You'll also need to provide a section access code. The access code for our section is DEPA-25254-YXJK-31.

Obtaining full access

Be aware that the initial sign-up gives you the ability to submit up to 10 exercises for free.  If you wish to submit more than 10 exercises, you need to obtain full access. CodeLab makes it easy to do this by providing a link next to the course that you signed up for whenever you visit the "Lobby" of the CodeLab site.

Full access costs $25 (plus a $2 fee) for 52 weeks. Click the "Gain Access" button and follow the directions there. There are a variety of ways to pay for CodeLab access. If you have any questions contact the CodeLab staff at

Logging into CodeLab

Once you've registered, you log into CodeLab by going to the TuringsCraft site and selecting "Log into CodeLab" rather than "Register for CodeLab". At the login screen, provide the e-mail address and the password that you used when you signed up with the site and click "Go".  This will take you to the "Lobby" of the CodeLab site. Click the "Load" button to be taken to the site for the course.