Useful course references

·     Setting up An Account on the CDM Web Server – This document also provides information on how to contact technical support if your are having difficulties.

·        Registering for Exams for Online Students – Please see this document. It contains information on registering including whom to contact if you are running into problems.

·        Assignment Requirements Checklist: Review this carefully until you are comfortable with the various requirements. There will be deductions for any requirements that are not adhered to. 


Coding Resources

·        HTML tutorial

·        CSS tutorial

·        JavaScript tutorial

·        jQuery API

·        Textbook: JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual web page. This site contains resources such as a link to download the files used throughout the textbook. Here is a direct link to the files.


Exam Information

·        Exam information for online students (includes email address for contacting them)

·        Final Exam Format, Guidelines and Topics: final_exam_guidelines.docx

·        Cheat-Sheet and Mini API: final_exam_cheat_sheet.doc


JavaScript Review Videos

These are videos that I created for my IT-130 course. Feel free to refer to them as needed.

·         Intro to JavaScript

·         Functions

·         Retriving information from forms

·         Concatenation and comments

·         Parsing data

·         If Else 1

·         EXAMPLE PROGRAM – Simple Salary Calculator

·         Logical ‘AND’ and ‘OR’

·         JS If Else 2

·         Checked items (radio buttons, checkoxes)

·         Powerpoint Files to accompany all of these videos are available as a zip file here.


Installing AMP (Apache, My SQL, PHP) Server

It can be somewhat challenging and time-consuming to set up and configure AMP. However, if you are so inclined, there are some installers out there that install all three components with only one executable.

·         Windows: ‘WAMP’ at

§  Video installation guide:

·         Mac: ‘MAMP’ at

§  Video installation guide: