Learn by going through the lecture slides and practicing the individual examples that we did together in class. Even though you are doing the identical example, you will still benefit a great deal by going through it on your own.

        Do not try to learn the material by doing the homework. First review and study the material as we did it in class. If you get a handle on that, the homework will come much easier.Trying to do the homework by flipping back through the book and slides searching for the relevant bits to solve the problem will eventually work, but make no mistake:


2.      You wonít learn the material as well


        There is a tremendous amount of material. Many of the slides displayed in lecture will not be emphasized in the course Ė there is simply too much material. When this happens, I will tell you! Be sure to make note of this fact so that you donít spend all kinds of extra time studying those slides and chapter materials for homeworks and exams.