Resources for Data Analysis

Articles:  Curve of Forgetting


To save any of these files, be sure to right-click the file, and choose ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save File As’ (or similar depending on your browser).

·         acidrain.savair.sav | airline_passengers.sav | beer.sav  |  beer_bac.sav  |  bodymass.savbrain_body_weight.savcallcenter80.sav  | child_data.sav | cars.sav | dayton.sav | elementary_performance.sav | exam_results.savfacebook_survey.sav  |  icicles.sav  |  iq.sav  |  iq_2.sav | oasis.sav | olympics_2010.sav  |  olympics_2010_v2.sav  |  population_drinking.sav | rats.savrx_time.sav  | temprate.sav | traffic_casualties.sav  | 

SPSS Resources:

·         START HEREGetting started with SPSS for DePaul  students using Remote Desktop. Get comfortable with these steps before spending time on the more detailed tutorial below.

·         THEN GO HEREVideo on connecting to SPSS via remote desktop. Also demonstrates how to load a dataset, and create a scatterplot and histogram.

·         As NeededSPSS Primer  This is not as detailed, but is probably your quickest reference once you have the basics down.

·         Here is a document from Tech Support explaining what Remote Desktop is and how it works.

·         NOTE: When using remote desktop, do NOT save important files (e.g. half-finished homework assignments) on the remote machine. Files have been known to disappear from those remote computers. Always back up the file to your own hard drive, or e-mail it to yourself.


Data Files from Textbook (6th ed):  Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 (none) | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5  | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

  Note that these files are zipped. Your will need to unzip them before you can access the files.



·         Binomial Probability Calculator -   The form is about halfway down the page.  The calculated probabilities are shown slightly below the form.

·         Random Number Generator:  Generates a series of random numbers between 0 and 1.



Please note that these are subject to change. We will discuss this in class.


·         Online Students: Information about issues relating to online exams including registering, scheduling, proctoring options, who to contact if you run into difficulties, etc,etc can be found on this page. Please be sure to read this information.  Also, here is an FAQ that answers a lot of common questions that come up. The online learning staff can be reached at:


·         Formulas and Z-table document.  You will be provided with this document on the midterm exam.

·         Midterm Study Guide

·         Final Exam Formula Sheet

·         Final Exam Study Guide


Other Statistical Software Packages:

·         PSPP:  This is a free and excellent statistical software package somewhat similar to SPSS. However, I do not recommend using it unless you have good reason to do so. The reason is that installation can be problematic for some, the techniques for various features that I have listed in earlier links will not be identical, it is not as widely used in industry. However, if you are completely sick of using Remote Login, or if you want your own copy locally, it is something you can try. You can get the software and learn more about it here.

·         R: (Yes, just ‘R’).  Also extremely powerful and good quality. It is extremely popular in academic circles. It is ‘command-line’ driven. If you have a little programming background, you may prefer this package.  So, if you want to learn a different statistical package that is free, I’d probably start here. Link to R.