CSC 211: Programming in Java I

Submitting programs using COL

The programming assignments for this course require that you upload your programs to the Course Online (COL) site.  This page takes you through the process of uploading a file to the COL site.

  1. Choose the Assignments option on the left menu. 
  2. Click on the Submit button next to the assignment you wish to submit.
  3. This will take you to a window where you can browse for a file.  Click on the browse button and choose the relevant file for the assignment by moving through the directory structure and choosing Open when you have found the file.  Make sure that you select the .java file of the required program and not the .class file.  Play close attention to the submission instructions for the assignment.
  4. You can also submit a comment with your assignment by typing into the box below the file selection area.  These comments are displayed separately from the file you upload when viewed by the instructor or grader.
  5. Click the Submit button found in the lower right part of the window.
  6. You will be brought back to the assignments page.  Now you can see that the status icon has changed.  The button has also changed from Submit to Resubmit.  You are allowed to resubmit assignments as often as you like up to the deadline.  Resubmissions overwrite previous submissions.

Note that you can also find instructions on submitting assignments in the COL Documentation under the Online Student view of the page.  A link to the COL Documentation can be found at the bottom of any page on the COL site.  If you have any questions about assignment submission, post in one of the forums in the Collaboration Tools area or e-mail me.