OWL exercise set 3

Due Friday, April 17, 11:59 pm

There are five subsets of exercises for this week:

  1. 2.3 Arithmatic and precedence
  2. 2.4 Casting
  3. 2.7: Inputting Numeric Data: the Scanner class
  4. 2.10: Creating a Java Application
  5. 4.4: Selection: if and if ... else

The exercises are submitted using the OWL system.  A problem is complete when the OWL system indicates that the submission is correct.  You have an unlimited number of tries for each exercise.  (You are on the honor system that you won't simply try all possibilities for the exercises in Section 2.10 that are multiple choice -- I'm sure this is a good bet since everyone will no doubt use the exercises to learn as much as possible).  No late submissions will be accepted for any reason.


A total of 30 points (to be reduced to a number out of 10).