CSC 211-601: Programming in Java I

OWL exercise set 2

Due Friday, April 10th, 11:59 pm

These exercises are now visible in the OWL system at  For information about accessing and using OWL, see the accessing OWL document.

There are four subsets of exercises for this week:

  1. Applet Test
  2. 2.1: Basics of a Java Program
  3. 2.2: Data Types

The exercises are submitted using the OWL system.  A problem is complete when the OWL system indicates that the submission is correct.  You have three tries for each exercise.  After three attempts, the system will not give you credit for any further submissions for that question.  No late submissions will be accepted for any reason.


Each question is worth 1 a point, for a total of 13 points.