CSC 211 -  Programming in Java I

OWL exercise set 1

Due Monday April 6, 2009 at 11:59 PM 

For information about accessing and using OWL, see the accessing OWL document on the ‘Resources’ page. 

For this week, your assignment is to log into the OWL system using your access code and register for our class.  The section you should register for is CSC 211-601, tablet PC taught by Joseph Mendelsohn, Spring 2009. 

Starting next week you will begin completing OWL exercises using the system.

Once you register for the tablet PC section of CSC 211, your name will appear on my roster on the OWL site at .  All you need to do is complete the short tutorial and you will earn full credit for this assignment.  No late submissions will be accepted for any reason.


Registration by the deadline above is worth 10 points.  No points will be awarded for registration after the deadline.