Assignment #5 – Create a Web Page

Create an HTML page with the following items: 

·         Be sure that all necessary tags for a proper web page are included.

·         Be sure to make your HTML code easy to read.  Remember:  “clarity” (i.e. use whitespace). 

·         A short segment called “About Me”.  Have a short paragraph in which you say something about yourself.

·         Write a short paragraph explaining why your web page is not viewable by the world at large. 

·         Make an ordered list of your five favorite restaurants.  Look up the URL to at least three of these restaurants.  Hyperlink the names of those restaurants to the website.

·         Though not required, feel free to experiment and add other content or tags to your page. 

·         Somewhere in your document, demonstrate the use of the <hr>, <h1>, <em>, and <strong> tags. 

·         Pretend that you have an image called my_house.jpg .  Display the image somewhere in your document.  Obviously, this will show up as a ‘broken link’, but I do want to see that you know how to display an image in your page

·         Bonus 1 point: Look up how to change the background color of your page and do so. 

To submit the assignment, simply submit your HTML document as an attachment to the homework submission page.  (Same as you’ve done for the previous assignments).