Assignment #3:

Again, there is a little bit of “independent study” to your homework. 

As with the previous assignments, submit all of your answers in a Word document.


1)      Translating language is a complex problem for computers. Find a web page that is in a language other than your first language. The actual content is not important. Copy 1-2 paragraphs from that page.


Translate that content using Altavista’s Babelfish  or Google’s Language Tools


What problems do you notice with the translation?


Why is this happening?   Give a suggestion of how such problems with language translation might be resolved?


Submit your original document, translated document, and written report



2)      Two major areas of interest in AI are  “character recogntion” and “voice recognition”.  Define these two technologies.  Describe two uses of each of these technologies.  - You can expect a question on one or both of these topics on your final exam!