CSC 200 Assignment #1

For this assignment, you will answer the following questions. Use the web, textbooks, class notes, or any other resource you like except for verbal answers from other people! These answers do not have to be long and detailed. Just be sure to give a reasonably clear answer using your own words.

You may save your documents in either TXT format (e.g. write them out in a text editor such as Windows Notepad), or in DOC format (Microsoft Word). You will then submit your assignment to Course Online (COL) by attaching your document.

Question #1: You have just purchased a printer from a friend. The printer was a year old and your friend no longer has the box. All he has is the power cord, and the USB cord. You need to install the printer on your PC. The printer is made by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the model is the LaserJet 2100m. Go online and find the link to the webpage to download this driver. Copy and paste the URL (web address) to that driver. There is no need to actually download the driver!


Question #2: Briefly explain the difference between RAM and ROM as applied to a typical PC. In your answer, explain which one is volatile (and what is meant by the word volatile). Describe at least one important function of ROM on a typical PC (whether Windows or Mac).


Question #3: A friend of your has just upgraded their computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista. They call you to say that their computer has suddenly slowed to a crawl. You suspect that their computer, which is two years old, may not have enough processor speed and/or memory to run this operating system. What are the minimum requirements for processor speed and memory in order to run Windows Vista? Note that different people will tell you different things. Be sure you find a trustworthy site (e.g.,, back of the software package, etc) in order to find out this information.


Question #4: What is the screen resolution on your PC? What about the color depth? What does color depth refer to?


Question #5: Briefly explain why some people believe that it is a good idea to periodically defragment your hard drive.