Resources for IT-130


·         Curve of Forgetting

Important Downloads for the Course:

·         Adobe Brackets: Use this as your text editor.

·         Google Chrome: I would recommend using this as your browser for this course.

1.       It works well with the Brackets web editor.

2.       It is the browser that will be used by the grader when grading your pages.

·         FileZilla: You will need this as your FTP client.

1.       Only download this application from the FileZilla-Project page.

2.       Do NOT download this application from other sites such as SoundForge. Many of those other sites include bloatware or even malware. Only use the link I have provided above.

·         Mozilla Firefox: Use this or Google Chrome as your browser for this course.


Configuring and Using FTP

·        How to set up your FTP connection to the CDM server.

·        Video going over the above document.

o   This video is a demo that takes you through the steps of connecting to and uploading files to the web server. The video goes through many (though not all) of the steps detailed in the 'Web Account Setup' document.

o   You should only watch this video *after* going through the "theoretical" lecture and quiz on FTP.


JavaScript Documentation Sites:

Note: If any of these links become inactive over time, please let me know.

·         W3 Schools

·         Mozilla Developer Network – These days, I find myself preferring this site.

·         World Wide Web Consortium

·         W3 Schools JavaScript documentation

o   W3 Schools’ documentation for the parseInt() function

o   W3 Schools’ documentation for the Date() object

o   W3 Schools’ documentation for the Math object




·         Final exam cheat-sheet