Getting Started with SPSS for DePaul Students


The very first time you connect, you will need to activate your account with CDM. This is the same activation needed to log in to computers in any of the CDM computer labs. If you have already done this step, you may skip to the section titled ‘Connecting with Remote Desktop’ below.  These instructions are a quick-start summary. If you need them, you can find more detailed instructions here.

Activating your account with CDM

This step is a one-time setup that allows you to connect to CDM computers. If you have already completed this step in at some earlier time, you do not need to repeat it, and may skip directly to the remote desktop connection instructions below.

1.      Go to  (note the ‘s’ in https). 

2.      Log in using your Campus Connect login and password.

3.      Click the ‘Activate’ button.

4.      Under ‘change password’ you can use your original password.  You do not need to change it to something new. NOTE: It may take 15 minutes or so for your activation to process.

Connecting to SPSS using Remote Desktop

1.      In order to access SPSS when not in a CDM computer lab, you will need to use Remote Desktop. On Windows machines, click on Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection. 

·        Mac users should read the section below on installing a remote desktop client for Macs.

·        Windows Vista/XP may be slightly different. You can find usually ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ somewhere in the Control Panel.

2.      When prompted for a computer name, type    You will need to log in using your CDM login and password. This is the same information you entered in the section under ‘Activating your account with CDM’ above.

·        Be sure that under ‘Log in to’ you select the domain CSTCIS.         

3.      To start SPSS, choose: Start >> All Programs >> Mathematics and Statistics >> SPSS >> PASW for Statistics 17

Remote Desktop for Mac users

Here is a Remote Desktop program for Mac computers:

To get going:

   1. Click Servers (top left) for the sidebar to appear.

   2. Click the plus sign (bottom right).

   3. Set the following:

            Label: your name for the remote site.


            Username: your CDM username from the activation step above

            Password: your CDM password

Another Remote Desktop Connection program is available at (Mactopia is Microsoft's website for Macs.) Direct link to remote desktop app is here.