Resources for Data Analysis

SPSS Resources:

         START HERE: Getting started with SPSS for DePaul students using Remote Desktop. Get comfortable with these steps before spending time on the more detailed tutorial below.

         Introduction to SPSS & Tutorial from Steve Jost

         SPSS Primer (Not much detail, but probably the quickest start)

         SPSS Videos produced and performed by Prof. Raffella Settimi. I found these very helpful when I was first learning SPSS.

         NOTE: When using remote desktop, do NOT save important files (e.g. half-finished homework assignments) on the remote machine. Files have been known to disappear from those remote computers. Always back up the file to your own hard drive, or e-mail it to yourself.


         MSDNAA Software: Expensive but free(!) software available to currently registered students of CDM.  Includes applications such as Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7,  Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Studio, and many others. Can be found here.

         You will be able to download a file that must be burned onto a CD. You can then install access from that CD in the usual way.

         During installation, you will be asked for a key code. This key can be found under My Software Download.