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Citation & Styles

To provide writers a concise reference for prominent style and formatting guides, the UCWbL Citation & Styles resource offers frequently sought information about the origins of each style guide, how to create properly formatted in-text citations and bibliographic entries using a particular style guide, and notable conventions each style guide provides for writing.


The UCWbL Citation & Styles resource also seeks to reflect the value of respect for the intellectual property of others through properly citing their works, consistent with the DePaul University code of Academic Integrity.

The content within the UCWbL Citation & Styles Resources also reflects the UCWbL’s day-to-day work with writers in Workshops, peer tutoring in the Writing Center, in course-specific writing supported by the Writing Fellows Program, and in UCWbL resources for faculty.

Thank you for visiting the UCWbL Citation & Styles reference, and please provide us with feedback at in the spirit of our Core Belief #5: “All writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing works in progress and revising through constructive criticism.”

Dissertators and faculty members seeking out editing services in particular style or publication guides may contact Lauri Dietz.