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Season 2

Episode 6: Taboo Topics in Writing

Matt and Mo investigate the seamy side of the written word with their Taboo Topics in Writing episode. First, Tracey H. and Matthew F. divulge their most perilous stories of when writing turns bad situations worse. Then Mo and Matt tackle the toughest questions about writing on the internet. Why isn't it discussed? What can we learn from Youtube comments? And what the hell was that guy even trying to say?! They team up with Scrawl Radio's own Mark L. to get to the heart of the matter.

Episode 5: The Surprisingly Simple Side of Pre-writing

Matt and Mo explore the surprisingly simple side of prewriting. They talk to Colin Sato, a Writing Center Tutor and Fellow, about ways to make prewriting save you time. Then Claire Rooney, one of our own Graduate Assistants, tells us about how preparing for a paper can reduce much of the anxiety associated with it. Finally, Matt and Mo debut their new segment called "Off-Topic!"

Episode 4: Online Outlets for Writers

Katie and Caylie wrap up their three-part series investigating different places writers can have their works published or read. This episode focuses specifically on online publications. Listen in for interviews with Chicago Writers' Association president Randy Richardson and Gadfly founder John Whitehead.

Episode 3: "Literature After Dark"

In this second installment of a three part series about resources for writers in Chicago, we put down our magazines (having covered publications that writers can submit their work to previously) and hit the streets, taking you with us as we visit venues where writers may read their own work as well as listen to others share their work. We attended three different writing events around the city: the Essay Fiesta at the Book Cellar, the Green Mill Uptown Poetry Slam, and Reading Under the Influence at Sheffield’s for their themed event, "Poisons."

Episode 2: "Chicago's Homegrown Literary Magazines"

The latest episode of Hot Topics in Writing goes behind the scenes of some of Chicago’s hottest literary journals. You’ll hear from Molly Diedrich of DePaul’s own Threshold, Daniel Majid of The Logan Square Literary Review, and Sarah Dodson from MAKE Literary Productions. Learn more about these exciting publications–including insider advice on submitting your own work–by listening in today!

Episode 1: "Editors and Editing"

In this thirty minute show, writing fellow Maureen Clancy and writing tutor Joe Olivier introduce themselves and speak with writers who (among other things) currently work as editors. You’ll hear from Monica Westin and how her work as an editor, graduate student and writing instructor informs her perspective on writing and deadlines. Also, Leah Huffman, a recent graduate from DePaul’s Master of Arts in English program, reflects on her work as an editor at Quintessenz Publishing‘s Chicago-area office.

Episode 0.5: "Prelude to Season 2"

Katie K. and Caylie S., the hosts of this "prequel" to Season 2, introduce themselves and reacquaint listeners to the purposes and goals of the UCWbL generally and Hot Topics in Writing specifically. They also speak with writing center tutors Ryan K. and Jenny A. about the use of the the personal "I" in academic writing and the limitations of the five paragraph essay structure.

Season 1

Episode 4: "Hot Topics in Writing Looks at Procrastination"

In a special montage piece, Andrew and Julie talked to some tutors at the Writing Center about procrastination and why writers procrastinate. Also featured: an interview with Zac B., our technology coordinator, about the exciting changes taking place on our website.

Episode 2: "Hot Topics in Writing with Matthew Pearson"

In this episode, Andrew and Alexis interview the Writing Fellows Coordinator, Matthew Pearson. Also featured: a discussion about online tutorials and the Online Tutoring Module.

Episode 1: "Hot Topics in Writing with Dr. Lauri Dietz"

In the first episode, Andrew and Alexis sit down with the director of the UCWbL, Dr. Lauri Dietz. Also featured: tutor profiles for three Writing Center tutors.

Episode 0.5: "Prelude to a Podcast"

While we are working on the first season of our podcast, we have prepared an introductory episode where we talk a little bit about ourselves, what the DePaul Writing Center is, and what we hope to accomplish with "Hot Topics in Writing."

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