Writing Group

Writing Groups

College of Education EdD Writing Group

Saturday 10:30 AM-NOON (SAC 212)

4 Saturdays: 01.26, 02.09, 02.23, & 03.09

Writer's Guild

Thursday 6-7:30PM (SAC 212)

SNL Graduate Students Writing Group

Saturday 12:30-2 PM (Lewis 1600)

4 Saturdays: 01.26, 02.09, 02.23, & 03.09

Writing Groups

Writing Groups are an UCWbL service in which a Writing Center Tutor facilitates a review and discussion of works-in-progress with a group of 3 or more writers. These 90-minute meetings are scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis, and they are designed to provide support and feedback for specific fields of writing. Each session usually combines discussion and feedback, although the focus is determined by the writers' needs, and the meeting's agenda is developed collaboratively by the facilitator(s) and writers.

Writers seek or join Writing Groups for a variety of reasons:

How Writing Groups Appointments Work

The UCWbL provides a space and a facilitator for the group, and Writing Groups can be scheduled to meet at the Loop or Lincoln Park Campus, depending on the group. College-specific Writing Groups may also choose to meet in a space within their college.

Writing Groups by Request

Want to be a part of a Writing Group, but don't see a time or place listed for your writing area? Or maybe you want to form your own group with friends, colleagues, or classmates? We can help! You can form your own Writing Group at the time and campus you want, and we will offer a tutor and a location to help facilitate the group.

We invite writers to request to start a Writing Group by completing this form. Requests are considered based on staff availability. If you have questions about Writing Groups, please contact Writing Center Director Erin Herrmann at erin.herrmann@depaul.edu.