Scheduling Appointments

You can schedule appointments on your own—at any time—using our online scheduler, WCOnline.

You may also call one of our offices during business hours: Lincoln Park: 773-325-4272 | Loop: 312-362-6726

Appointment Policies

Writing Center Tutors provide feedback on up to 4 double-spaced pages per 30 minutes. For example, a 1-hour appointment can cover up to 8 pages total.

Your appointment will end 5-10 minutes earlier than the allotted time, depending on the length of the appointment, so that your Writing Center Tutor can complete a appointment report for our records (and for your instructor, should you request that an appointment report be sent).

Writing Center Tutors need at least 1 hour for Written Feedback and Online Realtime appointments.

Writing Center Tutors can review 8 double-spaced pages per hour in Written Feedback appointments. If you submit a paper that's longer than 8 pages, you'll need to specify which page range you'd like the tutor to work on.

Appointment scheduling policies may change during final exam weeks. These changes will be announced on WCOnline if applicable.

  1. Log in from our website or go directly to
  2. Select a campus (Lincoln Park or Loop) below the login box, then log in.
  3. You will be taken to the schedule for the current week, and it will show the campus that you selected when logging in. To change campuses, simply use the drop-down menu above the schedule. To change the week, use the links below the drop-down menu. The tutors available during a given time slot will have white schedule blocks in the row beside their names. You can view a tutor's bio when you click on any white schedule block and use this information to schedule an appointment with someone of a certain writing expertise.
  4. Once you know the day, time, location, and tutor you would like to work with, click on the appropriate white schedule block. A new window will now appear. If there are no available appointments during the time you would like, you may either visit our Outpost or select the clock button to add your name to the wait list.
  5. Use the drop down boxes to adjust the length of your appointment, keeping in mind the minimum appointment lengths: Face-to-Face, 30 minutes; Written Feedback, 1 hour; Online, 1 hour; and Conversation Partner, 30 minutes.
  6. Choose a type of appointment (Face-to-Face, Written Feedback, Online, or Conversation Partner) from the drop-down list.
  7. Give a detailed description of your assignment as well as a summary of your main concerns. (You can also attach your assignment prompt or any relevant materials after you save the appointment). Your tutor will use this information to prepare for your tutorial.
  8. Click "Save Appointment" to make your appointment.
  9. For Written Feedback: Once you have made an appointment, you will be redirected to a page where you will have the opportunity to upload one document in .DOC or .DOCX format. After you have finished uploading the document, please click the “Attach File” button to successfully complete the process. If you would like to upload more than one document, you will need to click on the appointment you just made (it will appear in gold) in the schedule, reopening the “Make an Appointment” window. Click “Save Changes” and it will redirect you to the same page with an opportunity to upload one more document in .DOC or .DOCX format. Click “Attach File,” and repeat this process until you have uploaded all of the documents your Writing Center Tutor will need for your appointment.

WCOnline's Waiting List feature allows writers to automatically receive an email notification or text message when an appointment has been cancelled on a given day.

If you don't see any openings on the day you want to come in, click on the clock button and

  • either click Add to Waiting List to receive an email notification
  • or enter your cell phone email address to receive a text message.

When there is a cancellation, you will be notified.

Once you receive a notification, you will need to sign back onto WCOnline and make the appointment—the Waiting List DOES NOT automatically make an appointment for you.

Log in to WCOnline