Learning Goals and Outcomes
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Learning Outcomes by College

College of BuSiness
B.S. Business M.S. Accountancy M.S. Computational Finance
M.S. Economics & Policy Analysis M.S. Entrepreneurship M.S. Finance
M.S. Hospitality M.S. Human Resources M.S. Marketing Analysis
M.S. Marketing M.S. Real Estate

M.S. Sustainable Management

M.S. Taxation M.S. Wealth Management MBA

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College of Communication
B.A. Communication & Media Studies B.A. Communication Studies B.A. Intercultural Communication
B.A. Journalism B.A. Media and Cinema Studies B.A. Organizational Communication
B.A. Public Relations & Advertising B.A. Relational Communication M.A. Digital Communication & Media Arts
M.A. Health Communication M.A. Journalism M.A. Media and Cinema Studies
M.A. Organizational & Multicultural Communication M.A. Public Relations & Advertising M.A. Relational Communication

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College of Computing and Digital Media
Undergraduate Programs
B.A. Animation B.A. Computing - SNL B.A. Digital Cinema
B.F.A. Animation B.F.A. Graphic Design B.S. Computer Game Development
B.S. Computer Science B.S. Digital Cinema B.S. Information Assurance & Security Engineering
B.S. Information Systems B.S. Information Technology B.S. Interactive & Social Media
B.S. Interactive Media B.S. Math & Computer Science B.S. Network Technologies
Graduate Programs
J.D. & M.S. in Law & CDM M.A. Animation M.F.A. Animation
M.F.A. Cinema - Directing Concentration M.F.A. Cinema - Producing Concentration M.F.A. Screenwriting
M.S. Network Engineering & Management M.S. Applied Technology - SNL M.S. Business Information Technology
M.S. Cinema Production - Post Production Concentration M.S. Cinema Production - Production Concentration M.S. Computational Finance
M.S. Computer Game Development M.S. Computer, Information Network & Security M.S. Computer Science
M.S. E-Commerce Technology M.S. Human-Computer Interaction M.S. Information Systems
M.S. IT Project Management M.S. Network Engineering & Management M.S. Predictive Analytics
M.S. Software Engineering M.S. Telecommunication Systems Ph.D Computer & Information Sciences

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College of Education School-Wide Outcomes
Department of Teacher Education

Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum

Doctoral Program

Counseling and Special Education


Department of Educational Policy and Research

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College of Law
J.D./M.S. in Law/CDM Juris Doctor

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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
B.A. African & Black Diaspora Studies B.A. American Studies B.A. Anthropology
B.A. Art, Media, & Design

B.A. Catholic Studies

B.A. Economics


B.A. Geography

B.A. History of Art & Architecture


B.A. International Studies

B.A. Islamic World Studies

B.A. Latin American & Latino Studies B.A. Modern Languages

B.A. Peace, Justice, & Conflict


B.A. Public Policy Studies

B.A. Religious Studies


Women & Gender Studies

Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

B.S. Political Science

School of Public Service

M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

M.A. International Studies M.A. Liberal Studies M.A. Modern Languages
M.A. Sustainable Urban Development M.A. Writing M.S. Public Health
M.S. Social Work    

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School of Music
B.A. Music B.S. Sound Recording Technology

Bachelor of Music

Master of Music

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School for New Learning
B.A. Applied Behavioral Science B.A. Computing B.A. General Business
B.A. Individualized Focus Area B.A. Leadership Studies M.A. Applied Professional Studies
M.A. Educating Adults M.S. Applied Technology  

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College of Science and Health
B.A. & B.S. Mathematics B.A. & B.S. Psychology B.S. Allied Health Technology
B.S. Biology B.S. Chemistry B.S. Environmental Science & Studies
B.S. Health Sciences B.S. Math & Computer Science B.S. Physics
B.S. Registered Nurse (RN) Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) M.A. & Ph.D. Community Psychology
M.A. Biological Sciences M.A. Mathematics Education M.S. & Ph.D Psychology
M.S. Advanced Practice Nursing M.S. Applied Mathematics M.S. Applied Statistics
M.S. Biological Sciences M.S. Chemistry M.S. Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP)
M.S. Generalist Nursing M.S. Mathematics for Teaching M.S. Physics
M.S. Pure Mathematics M.S. Science Education  

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Theatre School
B.F.A. Acting Design and Technical M.F.A. Acting
M.F.A. Arts Leadership M.F.A. Directing Theatre Studies

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University-Wide honors program
University Honors Program