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Guidelines for IT 223 Project Submissions

  1. Keep backup copies of all assignments.   If your assignment gets lost because the Course Online Project Submission System disk crashes (however unlikely), a backup copy will make things easier for you. The late penalty will not be waived if you lose an assignment or submit the wrong version.

  2. Submitted files must be in .docx or .rtf format.   A file exported from SPSS in .doc format is significantly larger than one converted to .docx format. There will be a 5% penalty for files submitted in .doc format. Files submitted in .spv format will not be accepted.

  3. Submissions must have standardized names.   For example, if you last name is Smith and you are submitting Project 1, your submitted file should be named proj1-smith.docx or proj1-smith.rtf. Do not add extra characters in the zip file name and do not change the capitalization. Do not use the name of the professor, use your last name.

  4. Delete source code and other information (elapsed times and resource utilizations) before submitting your SPSS output.

  5. At the top of your document, include a header with your name, the project name, and the submission date.

  6. Answers to questions requested by the project should be typed into the beginning of the SPSS output file.

  7. Maximum penalty of 20% for submissions that do not conform to the preceding specifications (10% for not deleting source code and other information which is not actual output, 5% for not including your name in the filename of the submission, 5% for not including header with name, project number, and submission date, 5% for not submitting a .docx or rtf file).

  8. Submit assignments with the COL Assignment Submission System. Do not email them to the professor.

  9. Test your submission after submitting it.

  10. Remember the late penalties listed on the syllabus: