PSY 588 Topics in Experimental Psychology

Department of Psychology
DePaul University


Instructor: Dr. Ralph Erber
Office: 422 Byrne Hall
Phone: 773.325.4243

Class meets 2:20-3:30pm, Fridays Monthly at Byrne Room 605 (or 358)

Textbook: Booth, V. (1993). Communicating in Science. Cambridge University Press.

The students will learn current research topics in experimental psychology
from presentations on research by students, faculty and invited speakers.

Grade: The student's score will be a weighted average of the scores earned on all course requirements. The requirements and weights are as below. Requirement Attendance Writing Presentation Weight 40% 36% 24%

Attendance is self-explanatory. Writing refers to a term paper each quarter. It is to be a short research proposal within 5 pages of length. The paper is due the first day of the final week of that quarter. Presentation refers to the student presentation in Spring quarter of 99. The presentation will be about 20 minutes long.