DePaul University How To... Manual

This manual has been created as a resource for departmental offices, new faculty and staff and centers and institutes, including those with off-site locations.† It is designed as a quick resource to help you arrange and coordinate operational services.† This manual is intended as a reference to relevant information about the University. †All listings are subject to change without warning by the department or office referenced.

For updates, corrections, comments or suggestions please e-mail

Table of Contents

Academic Calendar Academic Technology Development (ATD) American Express Cards Bookstore
Career Center Classroom Technology Services Computer Equipment and Network Guidelines Computer Loan Program
Conference Services (DePaul Center 8th floor and Suburban Campuses)

Conference Services (DePaul Center 11th floor)

Conference Services (Egan Urban Center) Conference Services (Cortelyou Commons)
DePaul Online Federal Express Employee Reimbursements Food Service
Grant Services (OSPR) Help Desk Hotel Reservations Housekeeping
Human Resources Identification Services Information Services Insurance
Key Requests Legal Services (General Counsel) DePaul Library Mailing Services
Media Relations Office Supplies Online Events Calendar Password Changes
Payroll Time Record System Payroll Pay Stubs Payroll Direct Deposit Photocopy Services
Photocopy Intelliprint System Policy Manual Procurement Cards Public Safety
Publications Group Purchases and Purchase Orders Security Student Employment
Telecommunications (Telephones) Training Program for Budget Travel Vending Machines
Video Conferencing Web Page Development Work Orders Yellow Pages
Other References Online Manuals  


Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is posted online for easy access.

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Academic Technology Development

Academic Technology Development (ATD) provides assistance to DePaul's full-and part-time faculty in matters concerning the intersection of technology and learning.†† ATD services include a wide-range of faculty development seminars including the three-day, intensive Faculty Bootcamp and training on the course management tool, Blackboard.† Special computing services - digital scanners, specialized software, etc. -- are available in ATD's two Faculty Labs (LC 1304 and SAC 286); to schedule time with a lab assistant call ext. 1091.† For online quickguides, the Faculty Guide to Computing at DePaul, or for seminar information and registration see ATD's web site at:† http://www.atd.depaul.eduor call 773-325-1091.†

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Audio/Visual (Ordering Equipment)

See Classroom Technology

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American Express Cards

American Express cards are available to exempt employees as a means of charging travel and entertainment expenses.† Each employee is responsible for paying Amex directly.† DePaul will reimburse valid expenses via the Employee Reimbursement form at† ( For more information or to apply for a card, contact the Procurement and Payment Department at x8453.

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The Follett Corporation runs the DePaul University Bookstore† DePaul faculty and staff receive a discount on most items with a valid Faculty/Staff ID card.† Departments also receive a discount for most items purchased with a ProCard.

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Career Center

(See also Student Employment)

The Career Center creates dynamic connections to the world of work, providing comprehensive, centralized employment and career services for DePaul undergraduate, graduate and certificate students.

Students can sharpen career knowledge and skills through workshops and Career Advising.† They can gain internship and work experience through the Ladder of Employment, which includes Student Employment on- and off-campus, as well as Student Temporary Services assignments and internship programs such as Project Connect and the University Internship Program (UIP). Students can also build a network through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program, Career Networking Events and Company Presentations. And they can find great work after graduation through the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) program, Job and Internship Fairs, Job Listings and a Resume Referral program.

The Career Center works closely with DePaul University staff and faculty as well as top-tier external employers to connect students with career opportunities. The university employees who are responsible for supervising student employees within respective departments must be aware of the appropriate procedures for recruiting, selecting, hiring, and managing student employees. The Career Center website provides all the necessary information.† The Career Center should be consulted relative to any information and/or questions regarding policies and other student employment practices.

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Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology offers a wide variety of services such as audio/visual equipment (i.e. LCD panels, computers, VCRs etc.); requests for DePaulís meeting spaces; film and video orders, and reservations of DePaulís interactive video rooms. For more information, go to the above web address or contact the Classroom Technologies Department at 312-362-5431 or Lincoln Park Campus at 773-325-7861.

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Computer Equipment and Network Guidelines

Personal Computers for faculty and staff may be obtained either through the PC Replacement Program or through a purchase order. †The PC Replacement program allows departments to lease a current model PC for a three-year period.† Due to the volume of PC's ordered using this method, it is much less expensive to lease a PC than to purchase a comparable model. †See the program website at for more information. To purchase a PC instead of leasing, please contact the PC Consulting Group through their web site at or via telephone at 312-362-8982.† When planning to order computers for any DePaul University office, both on- and off-campus, please contact the PC Consulting group through their web site at or via telephone at x8982.† The PC Consulting group will be able to assist you in any stage of the PC planning process, from grant application to purchase and installation.

For connection to the DePaul University network, see the Network Connection Procedure web site at:† For off-campus locations, contact Networks & Telecommunications Director† (Joe Salwach) at 312-362-8802, or Network Operations Manager (John Ourada) at 312-362-6720 to discuss equipment and software. †To discuss phone service for an off-campus location, contact Telecommunications Manager (Cara Kaufmann) at 312-362-8080 or visit for more information.

To gain access to the Help Desk, (312-362-8765), for an on-campus office, please call extension 8765 for both telephone and computer problems.† For off-campus locations, please contact the Help Desk Manager, Milan Banerjee, at 312-362-7244 or by email to to set-up service at your location.

When establishing the computer connection to the service, the Help Desk Manager will need a list of all employees that should have access to the service, in addition to, the name of the department and the location of the office.† After the service is initiated, the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 can assist employee (faculty/staff) will any problems.† Off-campus service calls will require special scheduling through the Help Desk to ensure prompt attention to your repair issues.

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Computer Loan Program

Available to full time faculty and staff, the Computer Loan Program benefit provides the opportunity to apply for an interest free loan. †The loan, in amounts up $2,500, must be used for the purchase of a new computer system. † The loan is paid off through payroll deduction over a period of up to 2 years.† Please see the PC Loan web site for full details and how to qualify.

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Conference Services (8th Floor of DePaul Center and Suburban Campuses)

DePaul offers state-of-the-art facilities on the Loop Campus on the 8th floor of DePaul Center and at the suburban campuses that departments or outside groups may reserve for meetings, seminars, workshops etc. You may choose from technologically advanced classrooms or meeting rooms, with a variety of seating arrangements. A full range of audio-visual equipment is available, from overhead projectors to video conferencing capabilities. To obtain more information please visit the above address or click on the following link to complete a reservation form (

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Conference Services (Egan Urban Center Meeting Space)

The Egan Urban Center offers meeting space and resources as part of its commitment to initiate and support collaborative endeavors, cooperative planning and organizational capacity building. The Center's four meeting rooms can facilitate working meetings and accommodate flexible seating arrangements for up to 150 people.† A spacious lounge area outside our meeting rooms can comfortably handle large or small buffet-style receptions. If you have any further questions or would like to request a reservation form, please call the Conference Coordinator Kirk Rakos at (312) 362-8999 or† You may also call the main Egan Urban Center line at (312) 362-6000.

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Conference Services† (11th Floor DePaul Center)

Reservation requests are made through the Auxiliary Services Student Center office at x8634.† Or space request forms can be picked up at the Auxiliary Services Student Center located on DePaul Centerís 11th floor. Please note: No requests will be confirmed until space request form has been submitted to 11003 DePaul Center and approved by the Operationís Manager (Tony Schmaus).

Standard Operating Hours:

Academic Year M-Th 8am - 9pm, F 8am - 6pm, S 9-5, Su CLOSED
Break Periods M-F 8-6, Sa-Su CLOSED

Reservable spaces & restrictions:

DePaul Club (groups of 30+) Capacity - 80

Availability: Lunchtime (Monday-Friday) from May 1 to Oct 15 (during school year). Other times 8am - 11am, or 3pm & beyond - year round.†
Room set-up: Standard set-up (Furniture availability: round & rectangular tables).

North Cafeteria Capacity 72

Availability:† Weekday events ending by 11am or after 3pm (when classes are in session). Available on weekends upon request.
Room set-up: Standard set-up (Furniture availability: 12 round tables with 6 chairs each).

Room 11013

Availability: anytime
Room set-up: Flexible (Furniture availability: rectangular tables & chairs, variety of set up options).

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Conference Services (Cortelyou Commons)

The Cortelyou Commons building at DePaul University is located at 2324 N. Fremont Ave.† The building is located one-quarter block north of Belden Ave. at Fremont Ave.

(Please note: The Cortelyou Commons is a non-air-conditioned facility.†Due to neighborhood restrictions operating hours are strictly enforced. All events must be completed by 11:00 p.m.).

For reservation inquiries contact the Auxiliary Services/Student Centers Operationís Manager (Tony Schmaus) at 312-362-8634. Reservations may be made up to 9 months in advance or through the Universityís current academic calendar.†† Reservations will be confirmed when the Operations Manager has received and approved a completed space reservation form (located in DePaul Center Room 11003.

The Cortelyou Commons Ballroom and North Balcony will be used as a lunchtime dining facility Monday through Friday during the academic year.† No reservations will be available prior to 4:30p.m. on these days for these two rooms*

Available Rooms:

*Ballroom: can be set-up with round tables (capacity 150); theater style (capacity 175)
Not suitable for high tech visual presentations (i.e., Power Point, or video presentations, etc.)
Subject to lunchtime restrictions

*North Balcony: can be set-up with round tables (40 capacity); conference tables (30 capacity), or theater style (50 capacity). Suitable for high tech visual presentations (i.e., Power Point, or video presentations, etc)

South Balcony: can be set-up with round tables (40 capacity); conference tables (30 capacity), or theater style (75 capacity). Not suitable for high tech visual presentations (i.e., Power Point, or video presentations, etc).† No lunchtime restrictions

South Room: can be set-up with round tables (40 capacity); conference tables (30 capacity), or theater style (50 capacity). Not suitable for high tech visual presentations (i.e., Power Point, or video presentations, etc). No lunchtime restrictions

Creative Gourmet Catering is the exclusive food and beverage provider at the facility.† Please contact the catering manager, Theresa Kleptach at 773-325-7499 or visit their web site at (

Parking arrangements heffield parking facility at 2331 N. Sheffield Ave. operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.†

DePaul University requires that all outside organizations provide a certificate of insurance, which names DePaul University as an additional insured for the date(s) of the event.† The University reserves the right to cancel the use of its facilities if these requirements are not met.† Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Co. has written a number of one-day policies for private groups using the Commons.† Please contact Diane Kokdra at 630-285-3892 for further information.

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DePaul Online

DPO stands for DePaul Online and is a service of DePaul University's Information Services Division.† DPO provides low-cost, reliable dial-up access to the Internet for all students, faculty, and staff.† To obtain more information and/or sign up for DePaul Online services visit

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Federal Express (Procurement and Payment)

DePaul has arranged a preferred vendor discount rate with Federal Express. This discount is available to all DePaul departments provided that each uses the FedEx account number provided by DePaul Mailing Services at 312-362-6286 (Federal Express Coordinator) or visit their web page at

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Employee Reimbursements

Employees of DePaul University are required to submit a request for reimbursement for personal costs† (i.e., travel expenses, entertainment etc.) incurred while performing University business.† For reimbursements less than or equal to $100, submit approved and completed form (form above) to the CASHIER'S OFFICE to receive cash. If the reimbursement is over $100, please submit completed and approved form to PROCUREMENT AND PAYMENT. A check (if over $100) will be cut and mailed out within 5-7 working days.

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Food Service

Departments located at the Loop or Lincoln Park Campus can obtain catering information through the universityís food service provider Sodexho-Marriott / Creative Gourmet.† (NOTE:† some meeting areas at these two campuses require the use of Creative Gourmet exclusively for catering functions).† For further information, please visit Creative Gourmet's Web Site at

Departments located at satellite locations may choose caterers other than Creative Gourmet.† Departments are reminded that events catered by Sodexho-Marriott must be charged to the ProCard if the charges are less than $500.† If charges are over $500, departments will be direct billed.† Other caterers should be treated like any other vendor -- charges under $500 can be direct billed; charges over $500 must be requisitioned via purchase order prior to any contracts being signed or commitments being made.

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Grant Services (Office of Sponsored Programs and Research)

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR), a division of Academic Affairs, assists faculty and staff with obtaining, developing, and maintaining grant accounts. OSPR notifies faculty and staff of grant opportunities and deadlines, presents workshops on grant preparation and budgets. In addition, OSPR assists applicants in the development and coordination of narratives and application forms (including budget) to ensure a successful grant proposal. OSPR is responsible for proposal submissions and serves as the authorized institutional signature on government grant applications.†† OSPR also obtains institutional approvals on the OSPR Routing Form. Furthermore, the post-award services acts as a support by sponsoring workshops along with a Handbook of Grants Management. Finally, OSPR oversees grant management activities and acts responsible for such federal compliances as human subjects, animal care and use, intellectual property, scientific integrity and conflict of interest.

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Help Desk (Customer Technology Services)

Contact the help desk at 312-362-8765 for faculty and staff computer related problems. There are also options for Telephone questions and problems and for issues with DePaul Online.

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Hotel Reservations

Listed are hotels that honor special DePaul negotiated rates.

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DePaul University contracts most housekeeping responsibilities to an outside agency.† If you are in need of housekeeping services, contact the Facility Operations manager at your campus to discuss your specific requirements.† Departments housed at satellite locations may have housekeeping services included as part of their rent expense.† For more information about cleaning services, contact Rose CastaŮeda (Facility Operations Manager, Loop) at 312-362-8682 or John Lawler (Facility Operations Manager, Lincoln Park) at 773-325-7377.

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Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources supports the mission of DePaul and furthers the implementation of the university's strategic plan by providing value-added service for faculty and staff.

The Office of Human Resources will create, by example and policy, an atmosphere that promotes Vincentian values, advancement of learning, diversity, cost effectiveness and responsiveness to change.† The different areas in the Office of Human Resources are:

For additional information, please visit the Web Site at or contact the office directly at (312) 362-8500.

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Identification Services

Password Changes

Shrike, Condor and Hawk (e-mail accounts).

Shrike:† The student email account.† Initially given to the student when first student ID is issued.† The account expires 2 quarters after last active term.

Condor:† The faculty/staff email account.† Faculty/staff member must request the account via the account request form: ( The completed form is then submitted to ID Services. Please allow approximately 2-3 days to process application.

Hawk:† "Special account" Used by students that are enrolled in a computer courses taught at the University.† The computer instructor requests the accounts and completed form ( is submitted to ID Services.††† Please note:† Hawk accounts expire the last day of the quarter that the student is taking the course.

Demographics Password

This password is used to access the following:

  1. PC Leasing
  2. DePaul Publications Group Charge back
  3. DePaul Online (DPO)

The requester should allow approximately one week for a new employee to receive their password at the ID Services Office.

People Soft Passwords

ID Services can reset the People Soft Password, however, ID Services cannot change the DePaul ID (Empl ID) or an individual's Novell name login

The People Soft Password is used for:

  1. Campus Connection
  2. Student Demographics
  3. Fall 2000 Web Registration
  4. Class Schedules
  5. Course Descriptions
  6. Chart Fields Conversion
  7. Student Accounts
  8. Time Record System
  9. Employee Demographics
  10. Pay stubs after August 25, 2000

Novell/GroupWise Passwords

Please note: Novell or Group Wise passwords are not handled through ID services.† See Information Services

Door Access Request

The requestor's supervisor must send an email to either Joshua Luttig ( or Richard Crothers ( with the following information:††

  1. Name of requestor
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Location of the desired door swipe

Please allow 24 hrs for access set up.

Campus Connection / EMPLID "Employee Identification in PeopleSpeak"

This web page is available to employees to convert their old ID and passwords to their New People Soft ID and passwords. (Please note: This is the only option available to receive a new password without actually visiting ID Services).

Photocopy Cards

(See Photocopy Services)

DePaul Online (DPO)

ID Services provide customers with the software packet needed to install DPO on their home computer.† ID Services receives payment from faculty and staff (students are billed through their tuition).† In addition, ID Services establishes or resets the DPO password if faculty, staff or student has forgotten password. SEE DEPAUL ONLINE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Temp Cards

If a faculty, staff or student forgets their DePaul ID they may come in to one of our offices (LPC and DPC) and obtain a Temp card.† They must have a photo ID and the card is only valid for 24 hrs.† There is a $5 fee if the Temp card is not returned.† Cardholders that have not returned a temp card in 2+ weeks will have their ID card privileges suspended until the card is returned or $5 is paid.

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Information Services

The Information Services department is responsible for all information technology for DePaul University.† For complete information about the department and its services and functions, please visit their website

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DePaul University generally supports and encourages Institutes/Centers and similar collaborative initiatives involving external organizations. However, it must simultaneously recognize the potential insurance and risk management issues that may arise for both the initiative and the University. These issues could be a function of the collaborative activities and services themselves, the individuals who provide or receive those services, the premises within or from which those are rendered, and/or the property equipment, supplies, and funds utilized to provide the services.

In many cases the initiative may be covered by DePaul Universityís insurance coverage.† However, due to the nature of its contracts with entities outside DePaul, the institute or collaboration may need property, general and/or excess liability, auto liability, directors & officerís liability, and the workers compensation coverage of its own.

In order to provide DePaul the maximal opportunity to protect its interests and determine whether independent coverage is needed, the Treasurerís Office seeks your cooperation and assistance by complying with the following requests:

  1. At your earliest opportunity, and preferably well before such initiatives are formally undertaken, please provide the Treasurerís office with a comprehensive summary of the proposed undertaking itself, including information regarding the services, activities, individuals, funding, etc. to be employed in the collaboration: and
  2. Please furnish any proposed contracts or similar agreements intended to govern the relationship between DePaul University and the institute or collaboration partner.

You may direct any questions to the Risk Manager, Treasurerís Office at 312-362-8848.

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Key Requests

A designated responsible person in each department handles requests for keys for university building or room access.† Keys are ordered with a Facility Operations Work Order.† The work order must be signed by the responsible person in the department for the order to be filled.

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Legal Services† (General Counsel)

The Office of the General Counsel is headed by the Vice President and General Counsel, Frank Mares, who is responsible for university legal activity including supervising both internal and external legal counsel.† Several attorneys, law clerks, and legal interns staff the Office and provide a wide range of legal services to the University. †In general, the Office coordinates the use of external legal counsel and assists the departments with legal issues.† It is the role of the Office of the General Counsel to represent the university and members of the university community on behalf of the university to resolve disputes and manage litigation.† Additionally, the Office assists departments, faculty and staff with legal compliance matters and responding to judicial orders, subpoenas, document requests, wage garnishments, and other requests for information.† The Office provides research and advice on federal, state, and administrative laws and regulations that affect the operation of the University, including for example the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which restricts the disclosure of student records.† Our staff can also assist with the review and negotiation of contracts and agreements, and the development of policies and procedures that affect the ongoing operation of the University.† The Office of the General Counsel may be reached at 312-362-8865.

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DePaul Library

For a description of DePaul Universityís library services including DePaulís online catalog, please visit

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Mailing Services

On campus mail pickup and delivery

To arrange mail pickup in an existing campus location, contact Distribution Services in the Loop at 312-362-8367 or in Lincoln Park at 773-325-7579.† Mail and Parcel pickup and delivery occurs only once a day.† You may arrange to share a pickup and drop off box with an existing department.

Pickup and Delivery to remote locations:

Some programs with off-site locations have established a pickup location at the Loop campus (otherwise known as the shuttle and have a designated person that makes a daily pickup and delivers mail.

B. French is the courier service used between the Loop and all other campuses for mail pickups.†† There is a charge for this service to the responsible department, depending on location and frequency of pickup.† A center or institute needing to coordinate mail pickup via a courier service should contact Sue Arenz at 312-362-8878 or email her at

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Media Relations

Media Relations is available to assist with media contacts for the University.† For general information about the office and access to the Experts Guide see the above link.† For more specific information on working with the media or reporters, please see Media Relations' award winning publication, Making the Most of the Media available at

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Office Supplies

DePaul University has a Preferred Vendor Contract for office supplies with Corporate Express.† Special pricing and delivery arrangements have been negotiated for the university.† A Best Buys booklet (listing our highest volume / best priced items) is available and should be used, as a Ďfirst sourceí for supply needs.† In addition to the Best Buys booklet, a large Corporate Express catalog is available to order office supplies. Supplies may be ordered on line via the Internet ( or manually by completing and faxing an order form.† Contact the Procurement Department at 312-362-8453 to sign up for E-Way access; to obtain catalogs or order forms; or to obtain more information about this contract and/or service.

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Online Events Calendar

Event sponsors may obtain rights to post to DePaul's online calendar by contacting Sharon Miller, who will assign them access. Rights are assigned to event sponsors to prevent the possibility of hackers or jokesters from posting phony events. The online events calendar can be viewed at:

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Online Time Record System

Non-exempt employees (hourly employees) are required to complete online timesheets to record hours worked. (The online system has replaced hardcopy timesheets).† To find out more information on how to enter hours, please visit

An employee must have a Login ID and Password in order to access the online Time Record System through Campus Connection.† If you have not received your Login ID and Password or cannot remember them, please contact ID Card Services.

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Payroll Pay Stubs

To view pay stubs for dates after August 25, 2000, login to Campus Connection at:† (See Campus Connection for access information)

To view pay stubs for dates prior to August 24, 2000 visit this link:

In order to access your pay stub you will need to enter both your social security number and your own secured password. If you do not have one, or need another, please go to the ID Card Services office on your campus.† Please contact the Payroll Department through their Website at

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Direct Deposit of Payroll

DePaul University strongly encourages all employees to sign up to have their paycheck directly deposited in their personal bank account.† For more information and access to forms, visit the Payroll Department website at:

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Photocopy Services

Copy Services provides copiers for Faculty/Staff and Students at all DePaul campuses and leased space locations. The Faculty/Staff and Students who use these copiers are charged a per copy rate.† The rate will vary depending on the make and model of the copier.† We provide all of the supplies and service at this per print rate.†† Copy Services must activate your Faculty/Staff ID before you can use it to make copies.† The ID Services department provides the ID; Copy Services department activates it for copy use.† You must send an e-mail from the department budget manager to Dave Andrade ( who is responsible of activating the ID.†† Copy Services provides card readers for most of the Faculty/Staff and all of the Student copiers.† This allows the employee/student to make a copy using their ID.† If there is no card reader at the Faculty/Staff copier then copy services charges all print jobs (verified by internal copy control device) a specified account. The department's account will be charged directly if it is a local desktop copier used only by the department. The internal copy control devise will require that a code be entered into the copier to activate the copier for use.† This code is connected to an account number and at the end of each month that account is charged for the number of copies.†

Students must put money on their Student ID for personal use of copy machines.† They may do this at the cashiers office, by telephone (with a credit card) or at a Vend Transfer Station.† Copy Services will provide Vend Transfer Stations at all of the campuses so that anyone can add money to their cards

This site is updated with the latest information including policy and procedures, basic questions and answers, and an e-mail address that can be sent from the site.† The e-mail address is†† Please visit Copy Services web site for information that may help you answer any question you may have. Our office telephone number is 312-362-6285.† We are located at 1 East Jackson room 6311.

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Intelliprint System

For student printing in computer labs or residence halls, the University has installed the Intelliprint system.† The system was implemented to reduce the amount of wasteful or unnecessary prints jobs made. For more information about the system, please visit the Intelliprint web site at

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Policy Manual

Internal Audit maintains the official Policy Manual for DePaul University.† The manual is available online at† You must enter you web password to access the manual.

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Procurement Cards

DePaul University has made procurement cards (ProCards or P-Cards) available to departments to enable them to obtain small dollar items quickly and easily.† Cards can be used for most items; however, travel, entertainment and financial transactions are excluded (see American Express for travel and entertainment cards).† These cards are directly paid by the university and do not affect an individualís credit.† Each P-Card has a limit as to how much can be spent in a single purchase, how much can be spent in a monthly cycle, and how many transactions can be processed daily and monthly.† Each department is encouraged to have at least one P-Card, as the university requires some expenses to be transacted via the P-Card.† Contact the Procurement Department at† (312-362-8453) with questions or to obtain forms and Userís Guide.

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Public Safety

The Public Safety Office is in operation at the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Public Safety Office is a service-oriented unit established to meet the needs of an urban university. All crimes or suspicious activities/persons should immediately be reported to Public Safety at the respective campus.

Emergency Numbers:

Lincoln Park Campus
2345 N. Sheffield Ave. Suite 304

Loop Campus
25 E. Jackson Blvd. Lower Level

Everyone is reminded that you must bring your ID and have your office key for after hour access. If you need to get into another area or want someone to have access to your office, you should make arrangements with the assistant director at the respective campus. Please visit our web site for more detailed information.

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DePaulís Publications Group

DePaul Publications Group is able to process almost any kind of printing, photocopying, mailing, or web site work.† We can take a job from the concept stage, develop a graphic design, produce the piece in whatever medium you desire (print, web site, or photocopy), fold it, insert it into an envelope, digitally address it, and mail it.† Our highly trained in-house staff (who are DePaul employees) do the work.† We produce all of the university official stationery items (letterhead, envelopes) in-house at a very competitive price.† If your stationery looks like the official DePaul stationery, then you are required to come through our department to produce it.† For certain printing jobs that may be more economical to produce using an outside vendor, we competitively bid the job to obtain the best price.†

We assign a customer service representative to each job.† This person will be your primary contact for all aspects of the job, including any questions on billing.† You will receive an estimate before any work is begun.† We charge for work done through an automatic charge back system.† If you have an account number with the university, we will charge that account when the job is completed.† If we need to use an outside vendor for any part of the work, we handle any purchase orders required.† You only need to fill out our requisition form, which is located at our front desk reception area.† You can send your simpler requests through interoffice mail (along with the requisition form).† Rush photocopy jobs can be e-mailed to us, in lieu of the requisition form.

If you do not have an account number with the university, we can still process your work.† We would still assign a customer service representative to you as described above, and we would send you a bill.† You can pay with a check (no cash or credit cards).

The amount of time it takes to complete a job request can vary greatly depending on the nature of the job.† Here are some general guidelines.

Purchases and Purchase Orders

DePaul University requires a purchase order for all goods and services expected to cost more than $500.† (Purchases under $500 should be put on the University Procurement Card (P-Card)). The department should contact the Procurement Department to determine whether DePaul has set up a preferred vendor for the goods or services they wish to purchase. If there is no preferred vendor, the department may begin obtaining product information from potential suppliers.† Prior to making any commitment to a supplier, the department must requisition the purchase via the on-line requisition screens in PeopleSoft. Departments can recommend a vendor to provide the goods or services required.† Purchasing will review the request and transfer it to a purchase order.† Once all approvals are obtained, the order will print and be mailed / faxed to the vendor.† This process should be completed within two or three working days.† Purchases involving long term commitments or large dollar amounts may require additional review by other university departments.† Contracts should be reviewed by the Legal Office and must be signed by a University Officer to be valid and binding for DePaul University.† Remember -- purchases made for the university are tax exempt. No new vendors will be set-up in the purchasing system until a Vendor Information Form has been submitted and approved by the Procurement & Payment Department.

Purchase requisitions must be entered on-line to People Soft.† To sign up for People Soft access and/or training contact the Controller's Office.

All invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable at 25 E. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604.† Invoices for goods and services costing more than $500 must reference the purchase order number.† Invoices for less than $500, which cannot be put on a ProCard, must reference the ordering departmentís name.† In addition, if invoice is from an individual, their name, address, social security number and invoice number is required for reimbursement. Questions regarding other types of payment, reimbursement, or petty cash should be directed to Accounts Payable at 312-362-8453.

NOTE:† At this time, the Procurement & Payment Department is in the process of setting up a web site, which will address most of the issues on-line, including policies, procedures and interactive forms.

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Please see Public Safety

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Student Employment

(See also Career Center)

One of the purposes of DePaul's Career Center is the promotion and development of on-campus part-time employment for students.† All currently enrolled students have the opportunity to seek on-campus employment.†

The university employees who are responsible for supervising student employees within respective departments must be aware of the appropriate procedures for recruiting, selecting, hiring, and managing student employees. This website, provides the necessary information.

The Career Center should be consulted relative to any information and/or questions regarding policies and other student employment practices.

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(See Office Supplies)

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Telecommunications (Telephone System)

For more information about phone services, please see the Telecommunications web page† The web site provides all information necessary to set up or change phone service on campus. †In addition, the site offers detailed instruction on the use of the DePaul phone and voice mail systems, information for budget managers regarding department phone bills and other useful items.

To set up new telephone service for a University office in an off-campus location, please contact the Telecommunications Manager (Cara Kaufmann), at 312-362-8080.† The Telecommunications Manager will discuss your needs and facilitate establishing service through DePaulís preferred vendors.† Due to vendor scheduling issues, please allow a six to eight week lead-time for establishing service.† If you are in the grant proposal process, please contact the Telecommunications Manager to obtain an estimate for your proposed service needs.† As an off-campus location, you will be responsible for the cost of any additional lines or equipment required to provide service to your location.

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Training Program (Budget)

Course information and registration guidelines are available for new Budget Manager Training and/or employees responsible for handling daily financial administrative duties. †The training courses range from general accounting to more advanced courses that teach financial management of grant accounts. †In addition, there is a course available that specifically covers the changes to financial processes as a result of the implementation of PeopleSoft. Furthermore, there are new programs being developed to coincide with the implementation of PeopleSoft. A new brochure will soon be available by the end of the year that covers the second half of the fiscal year. If you have any question, please contact Laura Axelson at 312-362-8053.

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Call the Travel Coordinator (Laurie Krauel) at 312-362-5272 before you travel to obtain general travel information and a TR# (Travel Request Number).† Fill out a Travel Request form located at and submit it to the Travel Coordinator at least one week prior to the start of the trip.† Registration fees under $500 should be charged to the department Procurement Card (ProCard).† In addition, DePaul University sponsors an American Express Corporate Card for which the cardholder (employee) initially pays the monthly bill, but is reimbursed by the University after submitting receipts.† The American Express Corporate Card is available to all exempt employees to provide a means for charging other travel expenses.† (NOTE:† the Procurement Card cannot be used for the actual travel expenses (i.e. hotel bill, plane ticket etc.).† Within 10 days of returning from the trip, the traveler must submit an Expense Report found at to the Travel Coordinator.† The traveler must itemize all expenses and attach all original receipts to the expense report.† The Travel Coordinator will review the report, obtain necessary approvals and submit a request for reimbursement.† A check will be cut and mailed to the traveler within 10 working days. If your trip is funded through a grant, the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research must approve the travel before the trip and authorize the reimbursement form after the trip.† For more information, please contact the Post-Award Coordinator (Adam Kashuba) at 773-325-4507.

For departments with large airline expenditures such as group trips, international, or third party flights, a Business Travel Account (BTA) can be set up for direct billing to the university.† Contact the Travel Coordinator for more information.†

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Vending Machines

DePaul University has a contract with a vending machine company to provide equipment and services to maintain a university-wide vending program.† Departments must contact the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services to review vending needs and to discuss vending machine placement.† The final decision to place machines rests with DePaulís Auxiliary Services Department.† Departments residing in rented satellite locations may have clauses in their lease contracts, which restrict DePaulís ability to install and maintain vending equipment. Establishment of any of these services in centers or institutes would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Video Conferencing

DePaul has six Interactive Video classrooms maintained by Classroom Technology Services and coordinated by the Office for Distance Learning.† For more information about services, please contact David Levin, Director for Distance Learning at 312-362-6314 or by email at† To make reservations, please contact Lorne Henne, Manager of Classroom Technology Services at 312-362-5401 or by email at

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DePaul University Web Pages

A good source of general information is available on DePaul University's Home Page at† More specific instructions are available on the Information Services Web Page at under Helping Yourself.† This section contains information about setting up a web page.† DePaul also publishes guidelines for setting up official department web pages at††

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Work Orders

Work order forms may be obtained from your respective campus Facility Operations office. When completing a work order, please be sure to provide the following information: name, telephone extension, department, location of service requested and specific detail pertaining to the nature of the request itself. Facility Operations will review all work orders received and then assign them to the appropriate maintenance unit for action. Work orders will be prioritized based on the nature of the work and when Facility Operations received the work order. Please note that separate work order forms need to be completed for the different types of maintenance requests.

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DePaul Yellow Pages

The DePaul Yellow pages are not currently on the web.† To request a copy, please email Kim Klawitter at

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Umbrella Web Pages

Campus Connection

Delta 2006 (PeopleSoft)

Financial Affairs Resource Center

Procurement Services Online Services

Faculty Operations Quick Reference

Online Instructional Manuals

Voice Mail



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