General Business and Management References

         The following is a list of general references that should be helpful in your studies. Wherever possible the reference
         links are organized by topic areas:

         More specific resource links can be found in the home pages of specific courses.

General Management & Organizational Behavior
1. Work Index  -

          Annotated guide to Internet resources in "human resources, labor relations, benefits, training, technology,
          staffing, recruiting, leadership, motivation, insurance, relocation, legal issues and more." Search the collection or
          browse by subject.
          Run by the School of Industrial Labor Relations, Cornell University (

          2. Work Force On Line -
          Has excellent short articles on recent Human Resource issues and events. Includes discussion groups and chat
          rooms. Free, but you need to registrar and they will send you weekly e-mails.

         3. Society for Human Resource Management -
         The major professional association of Human Resource managers and publisher of HR Magazine has chat rooms
         and much useful information and links to HR areas.

         4. Cornell University  - http://
         Run by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, it indexes many Internet sites
         concerning Human Resource practises and research.

          5. Business Ethics  -
          A list of on-line references pertaing to business ethics with useful links and examples of codes of ethics.

          6. Stanford Learning Organization Lab -
          SLOW has internet links, research information and other information dealing with Peter Senge's ideas
          on learnign organizations.


           General Business Sources & Directories

1. Big Book   -
Listings for businesses in the United States. You can search by business name, location, and/or category. Listings
include address, phone number, and a street map showing the business' location.
2.CompaniesOnLine  -

          This site provides information about over 100,000 U.S. companies. Browse or search to retrieve profiles that
          include name, city, state, mailing address, industry, ticker symbol, URLs, and links to latest stock quotes.
Run by Dun & Bradstreet.
3. Fortune Magazine  -
This site assesses Fortune magazine and Fortune 500 lists. Many excellent articles of a general business nature
can be perused.
4. Forbes Magazine - http:/
Like fortune, this an excellent source for timely source for company and industry information.
5.Business Week Magazine -
Access is free to print subscribers and some information can be assessed.
6. Wall Street Journal -
This is the online edition of Wall Street Journal. Many interesting articles and financial information concerning major
companies and business issues. Can expect some information to be charged.
7. Business Survival  -
A free service that is full of ideas to help your business grow and prosper. Contains how-to articles, personalized
business advice, the latest books and noteworthy business trends.
8.The Internet Public Library - http:/
Excellent source of reference material on all sorts of subject areas. Run by librarians, it is well organized
and has an excellent search engine for research purposes.
9. The Conference Board  -
The Conference Board is the world's leading business membership and research organization, connecting senior

          executives from more than 2,200 enterprises in over 60 nations. As a nonprofit, nonadvocacy organization, it
          produces several major indices and a wide range of reports on best business practices and recent economic trends.
          The Conference Board receives more than 21,000 media citations per year. It also provides a diverse program of
          conferences and forums for over 15,000 executives from different industries and nations.
International Business / Culture
1. Global SHRM  -
A global forum that includes research on global issues and links to websites that address global issues. It is run
by the Society for Human Resource Management.
Employment and Labor Law / Government
1. Bureau of Labor Statistics - http:/
Bureau of Labor Statistics timeseries data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics public database, called LABSTAT,
provides current and historical data for 26 surveys, as well as numerous press releases.

          2. Fair Measures  -
          Up-to-date information on employment case decisions and interpretations done by a major law firm.

          3. Labor Department -
          The department of labor's website has much useful research and current labor statistics.

          4. Labor Policy Association  -
          The association keeps current information on NLRB cases and other labor trends.

          5. Harvard Law -
          Much case law and recent court decisions and research is available here.

          6. China Law  -
           This Taiwan law firm's site has a data base containing the major laws in China and Taiwan. While much of the
           content is in Chinese, it has a number of laws in English.

           7. Government Spot  -
           A free, virtual resource center for federal, state and local government information. It simplifies the search for
           documents, facts and political information.

last updated on Sept.10,1999
by Nick Mathys