Why use online assessments?

Although the features of online assessment tools vary, many offer the following advantages over traditional quizzes and exams:

  • Responses can be graded automatically.
  • Students can retake practice quizzes multiple times to prepare for exams.
  • Students can receive automatic, customized feedback based on their answers.
  • The performance of each student and the entire class can be easily tracked and analyzed.
  • Questions can be randomly selected from question banks and question order can be randomized to make assessments more dynamic and unique.

Example Uses of Online Assessments for Education

Recommended Online Assessment Tool: Quia

Quia is a web-based quiz and activity builder. Instructors can use Quia to create quizzes and games that students can access on the Quia website. Quia provides detailed reports and grade tracking for each student, but also allows instructors to set up practice quizzes and actvities. Quia offers free 30-day trial accounts. For subscription pricing, visit the Quia Ordering Information page.

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