MAT 150                                       Dr. J Marshall Ash

Calculus I                                    Spring 2000

Text: Calculus, by J. Stewart, Fourth Edition, Brooks/Cole, 1999.

Prerequisite: A passing grade in MAT 131 or placement by the Mathematics Department Placement Test. Prerequisites are strictly enforced by the Math Department. A prerequisite can only be waived by the approval of the instructor and the department chair.

Course Contents: Tangent and velocity problems, limit of a function, calculating limits using limit laws, continuity, derivatives, differentiation formulas, derivatives of trigonometric functions, the chain rule, implicit differentiation, higher derivatives, differentials and linear approximations, Newton's method, maximum and minimum values, the mean value theorem, monotonic functions and the first derivative test, concavity and points of inflection, limits at infinity: horizontal asymptotes, curve sketching, and applied maximum and minimum problems.

The above comprises sections 2.1-2.3, 2.5, 3.1, 3.3, 3.5-3.8, 3.10, 4.9, 4.1-4.5, and 4.7 of the text.

Methods: Classroom lectures and discussion.


Midterm and final exams, in class and closed book will count equally in determining a preliminary grade. Home-work will be assigned each class day, discussed the next class day, collected the next class day and will increase or decrease the preliminary grade by at most one grade. For example, B+ and satisfactory homework = A-. Make-up exams will not be given. The final exam will be from 8:45-11:00 on Tuesday June 6.

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