Technology Initiative 1 School of Music

In the Fall of 1996 the School of Music appointed a new faculty member, Dr. Michael Smith, in the area of music technology applications. Dr. Smith has been instrumental in finally getting the School of Music computer lab networked and getting updated versions of contemporary music software installed. To assist music faculty in using the expanded lab, Dr. Smith ran a series of faculty workshops focusing on possible uses of technology in music education. In addition, the expanded facility has allowed the introduction of a new series of music education courses focusing on technology.

Technology Initiative 2 School of Music

The Sound Recording Technology program is a music degree with a large microelectronics requirement; it is designed to prepare students for a job in the field of recording and music technology. While it teaches specific technologies such as hard-disc recording and audio-video synchronization, Professor Miller has also used technology to create teaching materials for independent study. Ten years of ensemble recordings and audio demonstrations were sampled into the computer this year to create a series of audio compact discs for student study.>