November 13, 1997

TO: Initiative Committees

FROM: Charles R. Strain

SUBJECT: General Directions for Initiative Committees

First and most importantly I want to thank you for participating in the Centennial Phase of the University=s strategic planning. Precisely because our centennial is approaching the work that you do will be very important in reshaping the direction of the University and in building upon its past.

  1. Charge. The charge for your committee is presented as a series of bulleted items in the Goal Matrix for your initiative. You should certainly modify and develop your charge as you work through the critical issues before you.
  2. Timetable. Each initiative will have its own timetable which is correlated to the nature of its task and the degree to which we are ready to move ahead in developing action plans. Some groups will have an extended prepatory phase if they need to do extensive research on an area that is relatively new to the University.
  3. Each group should plan to provide periodically recommendations for action. Please do not wait to present a complete set of recommendations if you have come to a consensus on some action-recommendations that have high priority. Also we ask you not to plan in a vacuum. When you come to some degree of consensus about key directions, you should request a preliminary review of these directions by the Executive team and by key stakeholders. By involving initiative committees in dialogue with key University constituencies, including the Faculty and Staff Councils, we hope to create a process in which the University moves forward together.

    Finally keep in mind the various events of the Centennial celebration. We not only want to plan for the future but we want to be able to present to external communities the exciting new directions that we are taking.

  4. Support. I will be in close consultation with the coordinators of each initiative. If there are ways in which various units of the University can assist you in planning, please let me know and we will try to provide the needed support for your work.
  1. Criteria for priortizing actions. In selecting the initiatives the members of the Joint Council worked with a set of criteria. Some of these criteria may also help you to priortize specific actions underneath those initiatives.
  1. Meeting Schedules. Obviously each of the initiative committees faces a formidable task. We ask that you work intensively to address the charges that you have been given. I appreciate your willingness to meet for at least one meeting in December. Please cooperate with your coordinator in setting up schedules for your deliberations during the Winter quarter.

Thanks, again, for your contributions in time, energy and in creative thinking.