22.1.98 TechInit Meeting Minutes

The first meeting of the Technology Initiative subcommittee of the Strategic Planning group

was held Thursday, 22 January, 1998. Present were: Joan Junkus, Tom Donley, Henry

Harr, Glenn Lancaster, Tom Miller, Doug Taylor, John Culbert, and Charles Strain.


1. Introductions. were made and there was some discussion about using the interactive

video classrooms--whether or not they are viable meeting space. Comments about this

are welcome at the next meeting.

2. Disucssion of the clarification of charge outlined in the goal matrices.

Issue 1: The language used in the goals presupposes that technology in education is a

good thing, and several in the group felt that we have an obligation to do some work to

help the University community understand the impact of technology in education, both in

terms of learners (do they really learn more or better with technological assistance?) and in

terms of opportunity costs (what kinds of opportunities are faculty and the University

missing out on by expending efforts and dollars on technology integration?).


Issue 2: Why is the University advocating technology use in education? Is it:

3. Three research questions were framed early on in the discussion.

4. Inventory of current activities. We decided that one way to begin determining what the issues and questions really

were was to look at what we (DePaul) is doing now toward those 7 bullet-point items in

the clarification section of both goals. To this end, I have created a web form so that each

of us could input activities, programs, and events that are currently underway. This form is

available at: http://www.atd.depaul.edu/techinit/ Please add as many items to this form as

you can (one item at a time) by our meeting this coming Monday. This will be an important

jumping off point.

5. Comments from Charles Strain. Charles Strain spoke for a few minutes about the overall Strategic Planning process.

I have placed a document entitled "general directions" on our committee's web site that

covers in detail Charles' comments to the group on Thursday. The web address (URL) is:

http://condor.depaul.edu/~lsadler/techinit Additionally, Charles stated that Pres. Minogue

has specific interests in our goals/initiatives in the following areas:

6. Resources for this group.

7. Next meeting. The next meeting of the TechInit committee is Monday, 2 February,

from 10:00am to noon in the interactive video rooms: DPC 8011 or SAC 262. Please

be sure to fill out the web form for current activities related to our initiatives before the