TDC 461: Introduction to Voice and Data Communications

Summer Quarter, 1998

DePaul University

LoriLee M. Sadler

Instructor Information:

Office Locations: CSTC 500 Phone: 312.362.8447

E-Mail: Fax: 312.362.6602

Class Logistics:

Class Meeting Time: Mondays/Wednesdays 5:45pm-9:00pm

Class Meeting Place: DePaul Center 8203

Office Hours: After class and by appointment

Required Text: Bates, B. and Gregory, D. Voice & Data Communications Handbook. 1997. McGraw-Hill. San Francisco.

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Class Web Site:

Class Web Tools: Simulations, Demonstrations, Professional Interviews, and other groovy stuff

Class Goals:


Performance Criteria

Understand fundamental concepts of telecommunications technology

Intelligently discuss in class, in the mailing list, and on exams various aspects of telecommunications technology.

Understand the interoperability of telecommunications technologies

Plan new systems and the components necessary for implementation and diagnose performance problems based on a problem scenario.

Understand issues allowing or prohibiting convergence of data, voice, and video technologies

Discuss current trends in and probable future scenarios for the telecommunications industry in class, in the mailing list, and on exams.

Be aware of and sensitive to social and legal issues surrounding telecommunications technologies.

Point out legal and ethical problems in technical and workplace situations discussed in all class forums.

Grade Components:

Midterm Exam 40%

Final Exam 60%

Midterm Exam: A take-home midterm exam will be distributed at class time on Monday, 3 August, and will be due back to the instructor by 5:00pm Friday, 7 August, 1998. Plan now for this exam and adjust your work, family, and travel schedules accordingly. No exams will be accepted after the deadline. Typical exam completion time is six-to-ten hours.

Final Exam: A comprehensive take-home final will be distributed in class on Wednesday, 19 August, 1998 and will be due on Monday, 24 August, 1998 at 5:00pm. Plan now for this exam and adjust your family, work, and travel schedule accordingly. Typical exam completion time is six-to-ten hours. No exams will be accepted after the deadline.






Assignment next class


Monday, 20 July

DPC 8203

Intro to course; History of Telecom; Voice Characteristics

Bates and Gregory Chapter 1

Bates and Gregory Chapter 2


Wednesday, 22 July

DPC 8203

Telephone Network;

Telephone Set

Bates and Gregory Chapter 3

Bates and Gregory Chapter 4


Monday, 27 July

DPC 8203

Analog vs. Digital;


Bates and Gregory Chapter 5

Bates and Gregory Chapter 6


Wednesday, 29 July

DPC 8203

Lines vs. Trunks;

Traffic Engineering

Bates and Gregory Chapter 7

Bates and Gregory Chapter 8


Monday, 3 August

DPC 8203

PBX; Key Telephone Systems; Voice Processing

Bates and Gregory Chapter 9

Bates and Gregory Chapter 10

Bates and Gregory Chapter 11

Distribute Midterm; Due back Friday, 7 August, 5:00pm.


Wednesday, 5 August

DPC 8203

CTI; Data Communications;

T-Carrier System

Bates and Gregory Chapter 12

Bates and Gregory Chapter 13

Bates and Gregory Chapter 14


Friday, 7 August


Midterm Exam Due 5:00pm

CSTC 500


Monday, 10 August




DPC 8203

OSI Model; The Internet; Packet Switched Networks

Bates and Gregory Chapter 15

Bates and Gregory Chapter 16

Bates and Gregory Chapter 18


Wednesday, 12 August

DPC 8203

Local Area Networks;

Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI

Bates and Gregory Chapter 19

Bates and Gregory Chapters 20-21 (parts)


Monday, 17 August

DPC 8203

FDDI, SMDS, Frame Relay

Bates and Gregory Chapters 23-25 (parts)


Wednesday, 19 August

DPC 8203

ISDN, Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Finances for Telecom

Bates and Gregory Chapters 26-27 (parts); 32

Distribute Final


Monday, 24 August

CTI 500

Return Final Exams

Final Exams due by 5:00pm