Below are team assignments for the group project this quarter. Last names marked with an asterisk indicate team leader. You may not switch teams without talking to me. You may, however, choose a different team leader if the selected team leader wants to bail. Let me know if your team chooses a new leader.
Teams LastName FirstName Email
Blue DeFilippis Marcello MarcD2777
Blue Ellis Taeza
Blue Parker Kevin
Blue *Chimon Alexander
Blue mohammad ahmed
Green *Petsch Nicole
Green Fidai Sadiq
Green Soriano Anthony
Green Houlden Tommette
Green Remennik Vera
Orange Masudal Gillian
Orange *Merchant Shirin
Orange Epstein Shanna
Orange aylesworth giles
Purple *Henderson Nancy
Purple Salahuddin Saira
Purple Elegbede M. Yetunde
Purple Chowdhury Shamim
Purple Gritsch Corey
Red Hoffman Michael
Red Wairimu Pauline
Red Razik Raed
Red *Nevins Yvette
Red McEntee Eric
Silver Siy Michael Christopher
Silver Sotelo Daniel
Silver Thakkar Tushar
Silver *Easterly Jason
Silver Hart Mylite

Last Updated on 1/22/99
By LoriLee M. Sadler