Computer Science 363: Computer Networks

Winter Quarter, 1999

DePaul University

LoriLee M. Sadler

Instructor Information:

Office Locations:

CSTC 500 (Loop)

SAC 284 (Lincoln Park)









Class Logistics:

Class Meeting Time:

Thursdays 5:45-9:00pm


Class Meeting Place:

CS&T Center 226


Office Hours:

Thursdays, 3:00-5:00pm


Required Text:

Chellis, J., Perkins, C., & Strebe, M. MCSE: Networking Essentials Study Guide. (1997) Sybex Network Press.


Class HyperNews group:


Class Web Site:


 Grade Components:

 Midterm Exam--25%: A take-home midterm exam will be distributed at 9:00pm on Thursday, 4 February, 1999 and will be due back to the instructor by 12 noon Monday, 8 February, 1999. Plan now for this exam and adjust your schedule. No exams will be accepted after the deadline.

 Homework--20%: Four homework assignments will be given during the quarter. Distribution and due dates are clearly marked in the schedule below. Late homework will not be accepted.

Group Network Plan--25%: Small groups will work together during the quarter to develop a network proposal for one of four cases, listed on the web site. Network proposals will be full business and technical plans, and each group will present its findings and recommendations at the end of the quarter. Assessment will be evaluated on a per-group basis. Each group member will evaluate other group members at the end of the quarter. Instructor grades will count for 20%, group member grades will count for the remaining 5%.

 Final Exam--30%: A comprehensive take-home final will be distributed on Thursday 11 March, 1999 at 9:00pm and will be due on Monday, 15 March, 1999, at 12 noon. Please plan now so that you will have the time you need to complete this exam. No exams will be accepted after the deadline.

 Course Policies:

Attendance: Attendance in class is highly recommended. Attendance and participation in class and in the HyperNews group will factor heavily in grading cases that are borderline.

Due Dates: Due dates are clearly stated in the above section on grade components and in the course schedule on the next page. All assignments and exams should be e-mailed to the instructor by the date and time due.

 Academic Integrity: Consult the student handbook for the academic integrity policy. You are expected to work individually and alone in completing the homeworks and exams, and cooperatively together on the group project. Academic dishonesty on any homework will result in a 25% penalty; academic dishonesty on any exam will result in immediate failure of the course and subsequent reports to the Associate Dean of CTI and the Dean of Student Affairs.


Course Schedule:



Assignment for class

7 January

Intro to course; Intro to computer networks

Chapter 1; Fill out the group registration form.

14 January

Network components (Protocols, cables, adapters)

Chapter 2; Groups formed; Homework 1 distributed.

21 January

Theoretical Networks. Meet with project groups.

Chapter 3; Homework 1 due at noon.

28 January

Real-world networks

Chapter 4; Homework 2 distributed.

4 February

Designing LANs

Chapter 5; Homework 2 due at noon. Distribute midterm exam.

8 February

Midterm exam due at 12 noon

11 February

Novell servers and clients

Chapters 6 and 7; Homework 3 distributed.

18 February

NT servers and clients

Chapters 6 and 7; Homework 3 due at noon.

25 February

Network administration and remote access

Chapters 8 and 9; Homework 4 distributed.

4 March

Expanding networks

Chapter 10; Homework 4 due at noon.

11 March

Connecting to Wide Area Networks

Chapter 11; Distribute final exam.

15 March

Final Exam Due at 12 noon

Turn in final by noon; Complete group evaluation.