3.05.99 The final exam for the class is available under the Exams link in the navigation bar. Also notice that the resource links have been filled in (most of them). Please check the HyperNews group for instructions and updates about the exam.

1.18.99 We will have class this week for CSC 363, so please attend as usual this coming Thursday evening. Thanks--the management.

1.1.99 Welcome to CS 363, Introduction to Local Area Networks, Winter quarter 1999. I have placed a new syllabus up, so please look at that for class tonight. Also, PowerPoint slides are posted for tonight's class (you must download them and then print them out in PowerPoint). If you've never printed PowerPoint slides for class, please be sure to set the print configuration dialog boxes so that slides print six to a page. This gives you enough room to write and saves paper.

The only book required for this course is the one listed below. Apparently the bookstore has two books listed, but the MCSE book is the only one you need. You can get it at the bookstore or through Amazon.com.

The book is:

See you in class tonight!