Computer Science 351: Database Design
Fall Quarter, 1998
DePaul University
LoriLee M. Sadler, Assistant Professor

Instructor Information:
Office Locations: CSTC 500 (Loop) SAC 284 (Lincoln Park)
Phone: 312.362.8447  773.325.7314
Fax: 312.362.6602 773.325.7167

Class Logistics:
Class Meeting Time: Tuesday/Thursday 10:10am-11:40am
Class Meeting Place: DPC 8011 and SAC 262. Note: I will be in the Loop on Tuesdays and in Lincoln Park on Thursdays, so that I see all of you in person once a week.
Office Hours:  Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00pm in the Loop; Others by appointment
Required Text: Batini, C., Ceri, S., and Navathe, S. Conceptual Database Design: An Entity Relationship Approach. Benjamin/Cummings. 1992.
Class HyperNews group:
Class Web Site:
Grade Components:

Exams--70%: Three exams are scheduled during the quarter and clearly marked in the class schedule. The exam are weighted as follows: Exam 1: 15%; Exam 2: 25%; Exam 3: 30%. Each exam will be based on a problem/case and cases will be distributed at least one class period prior to the exam so that you may prepare for the exam ahead of time.

Team Homework--20%. Students will be divided into four teams and assigned a set of homework problems to complete. Each team will be responsible for posting, either to the HyperNews group or the Annotations group, the solutions to the assigned problems and leading an on-line discussion of the solution sets and rationale. Teams will be graded on solution correctness and their ability to justify and/or correct their solutions through group dialog. Homework assignments are as follows:

Homework 1 (due 22 Sept): Problems 3.6, 4.4, 5.3

Homework 2: (due 6 Oct): Problems 5.2, 6.5, 7.4

Homework 3 (due 13 Oct): Problems 7.8, 8.6, 9.6

Homework 4 (due 10 Nov): Problems 11.5, 12.6

Participation--10%: Participation in the homework discussions, as preparation for the exams, is required in this course. Students are strongly encouraged to check the HyperNews/Annotations group at least three times a week and participate meaningfully out of class. All students are expected to come to class prepared (chapters read before coming to class) and ready to solve problems in class.

Course Policies:

Attendance: Attendance is recommended but not required. Attendance and participation in class and in the mailing list will factor heavily in grading cases that are borderline.

Due Dates: Due dates are clearly stated in the above section on grade components and in the course schedule on the next page. All assignments and exams should be e-mailed to the instructor by the date and time due.

Academic Integrity: Consult the student handbook for the academic integrity policy. You are expected to work together cooperatively in completing the homework assignments, and individually on the exam.

Course Schedule:
Date Agenda Reading
Thursday, 10 September Intro to course; Data Modeling Concepts Chapters 1 and 2
Tuesday, 15 September Methodologies for Conceptual Design.  Chapter 3 
Thursday, 17 September View Design Chapter 4
Tuesday, 22 September View Integration

Homework 1 due

Chapter 5
Thursday, 24 September Improving Quality of Database Schema Chapter 6
Tuesday, 29 September No class/Group Meet Case for exam 1
Thursday, 1 October Exam 1  
Tuesday, 6 October Schema Documentation and Maintenance. 

Homework 2 due

Chapter 7
Thursday, 8 October Functional Analysis Using Data Flow Models Chapter 8 

Tuesday, 13 October Joint Data and Functional Analysis

Homework 3 due

Chapter 9
Thursday, 15 October No class/Group Meet
Tuesday, 20 October No class  
Thursday, 22 October Joint Data and Functional Analysis Chapter 9
Case for Exam 2
Tuesday, 27 October Exam 2
Thursday, 29 October Case Study Chapter 10; 
Tuesday, 3 November Unified Modeling Language  Readings TBA
Thursday, 5 November High-Level Logical Design Using the Entity-Relationship Models Chapter 11
Tuesday, 10 November Logical Design of Relational Databases

Homework 4 Due

Chapter 12
Thursday, 12 November Database Design Tools
Chapter 15
Case for final exam
Tuesday, 17 November Final Exam