CS351: Database Design

Exam 1 Case

Fall Quarter, 1998


Advising Management System (AMS)


In the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems, all students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon matriculation. Faculty advisors are responsible for assisting students with schedule and course planning, career planning, and life. Faculty advising appointments are most often made by the front desk in the CTI main office. Because the School is growing so quickly, it has become necessary to develop a database that will:


You should be prepared to:

  1. Develop classification, generalization, and aggregation abstractions for the entities needed in the database
  2. Develop or evaluate schema from a top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, and mixed strategy.
  3. Develop view designs from forms and/or a given data set, including relationships and cardinality
  4. Integrate views as necessary
  5. Improve the quality of the schema developed or given to achieve optimal completeness, correctness, minimization, expressiveness, and normalization.