Jim Dart, Exam 1: 100%

Problem Statement: Nann and Kristin, her operations manager, spend too much time each week administering payroll activities.

Some possible causes of this are:

  1. Rapid growth of business;
  2. Inadequate process for calculating payroll
  3. Lack of policy regarding employee sign-out at end of day; Kristin has to make corrections (? to ask is how long she spends making corrections)
  4. Inadequate information system for gathering and processing payroll data.


  1. Provide a payroll system that allows Nann to triple the size of her current organization.
  2. Implement a solution that reduces by 50% the time required for Nann and Kristin to administer the payroll process.
  3. Recommend policy that will reduce # of timekeeping input errors by 75%, and have policy in place within 1 month.
  4. Provide system that reduces time required to process payroll info by 50% and cut administrative costs by 15%. (I believe it's difficult to truly slash the administrative costs. Their greatest savings will be time at $15 and $50/hr.)

Preliminary Scope:

This problem largely affects Nann and Kristin. They are both user and customer. Employees will see a benefit in reduced paycheck errors and as end users must be able to use the system effectively to input the data. The work can be completed in one months time.