Art Bielski: Exam 1, 100%

Problem Statement: It takes 37+ hours to process paperwork for payroll and it costs the company $625 in staff time to deliver timesheets to PayChex.


  1. Increase efficiency of data handling by less paperwork. (LPS note: this needs some measure of success).
  2. Simplify processes by automating data transfers. Specifically:
    1. use NCR 'export' feature to transfer data into a spreadsheet software (2/days)
    2. format spreadsheet software to print onto PayChex timesheets (5/days)
    3. Create an audit report by adding new worksheet that builds and calculates formulas applied by PayChex (3/days).


  1. Existing hardware can be used
  2. Possible software costs for spreadsheet application ($300.00)
  3. Application rework of $2-3k for import programming
  4. Investment will pay [for] itself in 6 pay periods' worth of savings in time/hrs spent.
  5. Project to be completed within (2) weeks' time.