Welcome to Applied Psychology

Winter Quarter,  2000

Tues and Thur 8:30-10:00

Byrne (room 403)

Course Textbooks:
There is ONE required textbook:
Glenwick, D.S., & Jason, L.A. (1993). Promoting Health and Mental Health in Children Youth and Families. Springer: New York.

It's 2000 - time to activate your e-mail account!  As a DePaul
student you automatically receive an e-mail account on the
Shrike computer. If you have not already done so, visit ID
services at either the Loop or Lincoln Park campus, bring
your valid student ID card and activate this account.  If you
are using some other e-mail service provider such as AOL
or your company e-mail, that's fine.

Electronic Reserves
First go to the DePaul home page which is at:

At the bottom of the DePaul home page, click on libraries.
Next, on the left side of the page click on electronic reserves and
you will next be asked to agree to copyright rules. If you would
like to get to this page directly, just click on:

Next check that you agree to these conditions.The next page will
come on your screen, and click on "list courses by instructors
last name."

Next, look at the instructors' names and click on Jason.

Next, click on Psych 357-000.

Next you will get this phrase: "Enter the password for
course PSY 357-000:"
You need to enter this password: psy357
and then click on "Enter Psy 357-000"

You will now have the electronic reserve readings. Just
click on week 1's reading and you will see the Empathy,
Respect and Warmth exercise.

To print this exercise, just click on the printer icon in
the upper left corner. Click on OK (it is in the right
corner)when the menu comes up for printing. For longer
documents, click on "File" then click on "Print Frame,"
then click on "Fit to page," and this should allow you to
print the text.

For a good source of Technology Tip Sheets on the Web,
click on techtips.

Leonard Jason
Revised 10/19/99