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Refereed journal articless

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Invited publications

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Manuscripts submitted for publication


Refereed journal articles

         Cardemil, E. V., +O’Donnell, E. H., Esposito-Smythers, C., D’Eramo, K. S., +Derrick, B. E., Spirito, A., Grant, K. E., & Lambert, S. F. (2011). Depressive symptoms in low-income, urban fifth and sixth graders: Contextual and cognitive factors. Manuscript submitted for publication.


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         +Davis, T. H., Grant, K. E., +Taylor, J. J., +Nathanson, A., +Barrett, E., & +Sokolowski, C. (2011).  Stressful life experiences and peer externalizing behavior as mediators of the relation between reduced family support and externalizing symptoms in low-income urban youth.  Manuscript submitted for publication.


          +Farahmand, F., DuBois, D. L., +Duffy, S. N., +Tailor, M., Grant, K. E., +Czarlinski, J., +Masini, O., +Lyon, A., +Zander, K. J., +Nathanson, A. M. (2011).  Community-based mental health and behavioral programs for low-income, urban youth: A meta-analytic review. Manuscript submitted for publication.


         +Ford-Paz, R. E., Grant, K. E., +Sajous-Brady, D., & +Duffy, S. N. (2011). Brief report: Cultural identity, gender, and psychological symptoms in Latino adolescents. Manuscript submitted for publication.


         Grant, K. E., +Thomas, K. J., +Carlson, G. C., +Gipson, P. Y., +Mance, G. A., Carter, J. S., +Carleton, R. A., +Taylor, J. J., +Carothers, K. J., +Ford-Paz, R. E., Cardemil, E. V., & Lambert, S. F. (2011).  Specific processes linking economic stressors, exposure to community violence, and psychological symptoms affecting low-income urban youth.  Manuscript submitted for publication.


         +Mathies-Dinizulu, S., Grant, K. E., Bryant, F., & McIntosh, J. M. (2011). The role of nondisclosure in mediating the effects of exposure to community violence on psychological distress. Manuscript under preparation.


         +Taylor, J. J., +Thomas, K. J., Grant, K. E., Carter, J. S., Amrhein, K., +Lugo, E., +Carleton, R. A., +Katz, B. N., & +Farahmand, F.  (2011).  Does urban poverty affect the manifestation of depression? A factor analysis of the Children’s Depression Inventory in low-income urban youth.  Manuscript submitted for publication.


         +Thurm, A. E.,+ Carlson, G. A.., +Lyons, A. L., & Grant, K. E. (2011).   Depressive symptoms in young, urban schoolchildren: Environmental, social and cognitive risks.  Manuscript submitted for publication.


Manuscripts under preparation


Refereed journal articles

         +Carleton, R. A., Grant, K.E., +Campbell, A., +Thomas, K., +Mance, G., & +Taylor, J. J. (2011).  Specificity of cognitive predictors for depression in urban youth.  Manuscript under preparation.


         +Carleton, R. A., +Meyerson, D. A., +Cohen, J., & Grant, K.E. (2011).  Trajectory effects on the role of stressors in predicting psychological problems.  Manuscript under preparation.


         +Esparza, P., Carter, J. S., +Farahmand, F., Grant, K. E., & +Mance, G. A. (2011). Reciprocal relations among stressors, coping strategies, and psychological problems affecting urban adolescents. Manuscript under preparation.


         Gaylord-Harden, N. Duffy, S., Doxie, J., Nolan, L., DuBois, D., Grant, K. E., Carothers, K., & Tolan, P. H. (2011). The effects of coping interventions on psychosocial functioning in children and adolescents: A meta-analytic review  Manuscript under preparation.


         Grant, K. E., +Carleton, R. A., +Taylor, J. J., +Meyerson, D. A., +Cosentino, S., +Scharko, M., +Noorian, N., & +Behling, S. (2011).  Stressors moderate the relation between protective factors and mental health of urban youth.  Manuscript under preparation.


          Grant, K. E., +Westerholm, R., +Farahmand, F., +Ford-Paz, R. E., Amrhein, K., & +Mance, G., A. (2011).  The manifestation of depression in urban youth exposed to chronic stress.  Manuscript under preparation.


         +Irsheid, S., +Taylor, J., +Meyerson, D., & Grant, K. E. (2011). Race/ethnicity, family structure, and coping effects on urban youth. Manuscript under preparation.


         +Madura, C., +Czarlinski, J. A., +Lattie, E. G., & Grant, K. E. (2011). Close parent-child relationships exacerbate the association between body image concerns and depressive symptoms in urban girls. Manuscript under preparation.


         +Mathies-Dinizulu, S., McIntosh, J. M., & Grant, K. E. (2011). The influence of nondisclosure on the mental health of urban African American adolescents exposed to violence. Manuscript under preparation.


Invited publications

         Grant, K.E. & +Meyerson, D. A. (Eds.) (under preparation). Risk and protective processes affecting children and adolescents living in urban poverty. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community.


         Grant, K. E. & McMahon, S. D. (under preparation). The influence of stressors on the development of psychopathology. Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology.




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