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CardZort Zone

The whole system is composed of two main applications: CardZort, which is responsible for the creation of the index cards and the execution of the sorting exercises, and CardCluster, which is responsible for the cluster analysis of the groupings.

Fig. 1 Architecture of the system

Every time a card sorting exercise is finished (e.g. a subject finished grouping the cards), CardZort generates a text file (".cz" extension). This file contains a text-based representation of the groupings obtained from the exercise. CardZort generates a separate ".cz" file for each exercise completed.

Once the card sorting exercises are completed, the next step is to analyze the groupings given by the different subjects (remember that the grouping information is stored in the ".cz" files generated from CardZort).

CardCluster takes the ".cz" files as input for the cluster analysis of the groupings.

Fig. 2 CardZort and CardCluster data flow



CardZort Zone

What is card sorting?
What is CardZort?
What is CardCluster?
How do the programs work?



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