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Office hours  1/2 hour before and after class, or by appointment.
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Training Objectives

Introduction to mainframe computer systems through practice with IBM's Interactive editor (ISPF); JCL and IBM utility programs.  The lectures and exercises will provide an exposure to mainframe data resources, processing principles, features, and file organization techniques -- sequential, partitioned and VSAM.   ISPF will include the use if ISPF help, TSO help, browse, edit, ISPF utilities and output displays.  JCL will cover multistep jobs, the use of JCL parameters, special DD statements, IBM utilities including SORT, IEBGENER, etc., the IDCAMS utility including creating a VSAM file; creating and working with loadlibs; generation data groups; PROCS and PROC symbolic parameters and practice reading MVS and JES messages output from an MVS job.

GRADING - total of 500 points

Due date and time for all assignments is prior to the start of the next class (5:45pm).
Assignments received prior to midnight of the due date and time receive 5 bonus points
Errors on assignments will have point reductions proportional to the error.

Late assignments receive the following penalties

Time assignment received                     Penality
After due date&time and before midnight       - 5
1 day after midnight of due date&time         -10
2 days after midnight of due date&time        -15
after midnight of 2nd day late                NOT accepted

NO bonus points awarded for other than early completion of homework

The following quizzes are scheduled:

Midterm     -- 100 points -- sixth class.
Final       -- 100 points -- twelfth class.
NOTE: 15 points will be deducted for any quiz NOT taken when scheduled.
NO exceptions to the grading schedule for assignments and quizzes.

Never submit someone else's work as your own.
This results in an automatic "F" in the course and possible expulsion.

1) System 390 JCL Fourth Edition (Gary DeWard Brown, Wiley Publishers)
2) "Supplementary Materials for the CCP"

Session 1 -- Logon and basic TSO / ISPF commands
Subjects:                             Reading Assignment(s)
CCP and DePaul Environments           Suppl -- Sect 1, 2, 9, 10
Logging onto IBM / changing password  Suppl -- pages 4-10
ISPF/PDF panels and menus             Suppl -- Sect 1
TSO basic commands                    Suppl -- pages 63-70

Practice Exercises:                   points
1)  TSO 'SEND' command                   5
2)  Copy, delete, rename PDS Members     5
3)  Edit using ISPF screen editor        5
4)  Allocate CSC.PRINTOUT data set       5
5)  Use ISPF help                        5

Session 2 -- Advanced TSO / ISPF commands, Introduction to JCL
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
Review ISPF edit commands            Suppl -- pages 32-48
Printing TSO items                   Suppl -- pages 14-18, 50-51
Computer System Concepts             Brown - Chap 2; Suppl -- Sect 6
Intro to JCL syntax                  Brown -- Chap 3, 4;Suppl -- 113-118
Backup and restore of PDSs           Suppl -- pages 232-234, 314-320
Introduction to UNIX and email       Suppl -- Sect 7

Practice Exercises:                  points
1)  Compressing a PDS using ISPF
2)  Print using ISPF                    5
3)  Backup and Restore CNTL / COBOL    10
4)  Send e-mail                        10

Session 3 -- More JCL -- JOB, EXEC and DD statements
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
JOB and EXEC statements              Brown Chap 5,6; Suppl -- 113-118
Data storage concepts                Suppl -- pages 251-254
DD statement                         Brown Chaps 7 through 9
IEBGENER utility                     Suppl -- pages 125-132

Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Reformat and print - IEBGENER       20

Session 4 -- OUTPUT statement, IBM utilities
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
More on DD statements                Brown Chaps 7 through 9
OUTPUT statement                     Brown pgs 160-168
IEFBR14 utility                      Brown pgs 143-146,Suppl--143-146
IEBCOPY utility                      Brown pgs 340-344
IEHLIST utility                      handout
RACF security system concepts        Suppl -- pages 89-100
Reading MVS listings                 Suppl -- Sect 4
Practice Exercise:                   points
1)  IEFBR14, IEBCOPY, EHLIST           20
2)  Debugging JCL/Outpt listings       15

Session 5 -- More DD statement, SORT/MERGE utility, MIDTERM Prep
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
More JCL DD statement                Brown Chaps 7 through 9
SORT/MERGE utility                   Brown Chap 20;Suppl -- 133-142
More Reading MVS listings            Brown pgs 70-74;Suppl -- Sect 4
Preparation for the midterm

Practice Exercise:                   points
1)  SORT and MERGE                     30

Session 6 -- 1hr MIDTERM | 2hr IDCAMS utility lecture
MIDTERM covers all material of Sessions 1-5 (Closed book)
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
IDCAMS utility including           Brown pgs 329-344
DELETE, Print, Repro, Alter function Supplement -- pages 151-166

Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Midterm                            100
2)  IDCAMS                             15


Session 7 -- VSAM base cluster, alternate index and path
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
VSAM concepts                        Brown 298-301;Suppl -- 173-177
IDCAMS utility                       Suppl -- 178-186
Defining and loading
VSAM base cluster,ALT index, & path   handout

Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Creating and loading VSAM OBJECTS   30

Session 8 -- PROCS, Temporary data sets, Concatenated data sets
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
PROCS                                Brown Chap 14;Suppl -- 187-204;
Overriding Statements in PROCS       handout
Temporary data sets                  Brown pgs 122-123
Concatenated data sets               Brown pgs 151-154
Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Create and use PROCS                30

Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
Compile and link                     Brown Chapter 18;Suppl -- Sect 5
JOBLIB and STEPLIB DD Statements     Brown pgs 81-84
Running programs from a load library Suppl -- Sect 5
PARM parameter                       Brown pgs 99-101, 250
COND parameter                       Brown pgs 87-94
IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF                   Brown pgs 94-99

Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Create and use load libraries       30

Session 10 - Defintion and application of Generation Data Groups
Subject:                             Reading Assignment(s)
Generation Data Groups               Brown pgs 276-281
                                     Suppl -- pages 181-190

Practice Exercise:                   points
1) Creating and Using GDGs             30

Session 11 - CLISTS, Preparation for JCL FINAL
Subjects:                            Reading Assignment(s)
Native TSO commands and CLISTS       Brown Chap 22 & handout
Preparation for JCL final exam
Practice Exercise:                      points
1) Creating and Executing CLISTS          30


Final JCL covers all material (sessions1-11)
Closed Book

Practice Exercise:                      points
1) JCL Final                             100