Purpose:  to learn how to prepare a " mini-system " with the on line portion initiated by a CICS transaction that brings up a menu.  With the use of the XCTL function, branching to (and returning to the menu from) the browse or update functions that were created in program assignments 10 and 11.  On the menu, include HELP and PAGING functions.  With the LINK command, display date and time.


1) The menu transaction should have function keys for getting to your browse, update, and paging programs (the paging program has been previously written for you--all you have to is slightly modify it and the corresponding mapset--use XYY4M for the menu mapset and XYY1M for the mapset).  Remember that you will need to keep the fifth transaction for your last DB2 assignment. .  Also include a function key to help to give the help screen and one to exit the system.  The COBOL/CICS menu program should be CCPXYY4 and the paging program CCPXYY1.

2) The main menu map should also have the date (xx/xx/xx format) and time (hour-minute format) in the upper left corner.  The transaction number, XYY4, and the map name (MENUMAP for example) should be in the upper right corner.  You will probably have 2 maps within 1 mapset if you are to use a menu map and help map in one program.

3) Enable the user to navigate via PF keys directly between the update and browse screens without going through the main menu. When going from browse to update, bring the primary key along so it will immediately appear on the update screen with it comes up. Use XCTL and temporary work areas.

4) The menu transaction should not " bomb " if the user hits the wrong key.  Actually, no part of the system should crash when an invalid function is entered (- 5 points per crash).

Grading deadline.  Send an e-mail message to me stating what transaction to run.  The last moment for receipt of such an e-mail message will be 9:00 p.m. the Sunday of the week of your last call class COBOL class--week 24.  If no e-mail was sent by you, I will try to run your XYY4 transaction anyway and hope for the best.

Extra credit--3 points--including a function and the main menu to browse on the primary key.  Extra 2 points--wraparound on browse--go from last record to first record when browsing forward)--TOTAL = 5 extra credit points.