CCP COBOL Assignment #1

Purpose:  Learn how to "key in" a COBOL program,
               submit the proper JCL and
               get acceptable output.

1)          Key in a program similar to program #1 in the Orange manual (page 15). Notice that there are three perform statements -- you should have at least three in your program.  You can use your own paragraph names and display statements.  It should not look exactly like the one in the book.

2)          Copy the proper JCL from the 00 account and change all 00 to your  account number.

3)          Submit the job.

4)          Examine the output--there should be no errors--all three condition codes  should be equal to 0000.

Due date  --This program is due prior to the third class session.  Hand me the program in person or e-mail it to me.  Never drop off the program at the institute or any other office!

EXTRA CREDIT:  +2 more points if you can add another paragraph and use a " nested " perform statement.