Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Madison, WI: 25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

I am in Madison for the 25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. It is a beautiful day and later this afternoon I will be presenting a blended workshop. Looking forward to meeting with as many people here as possible and filling my brain with information.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Curt Bonk Keynote on Livescribe Pulse

Curtis Bonk gave an energizing keynote presentation at the 24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning in Madison, Wisconsin. I have uploaded the Livescribe Pulse recording of “Technology trends opening access to education worldwide: Now, we all can learn!

The Pulse pen records audio and synchronizes this recording with what I noted in my journal. The shared recording is converted to an Adobe Flash file. You can view the recording on my Livescribe community pages.


  • Web Searching in the World of e-Books (i.e., Darwin)
  • E-Learning and Blended Learning
  • Availability of Open Source and Free Software (e.g., Moodle)
  • Leveraged Resources and OpenCourseWare (e.g., MIT)
  • Learning Object Repositories and Portals (i.e., shared content)
  • Learner Participation in Open Info Communities (YouTube)
  • Electronic Collaboration and Interaction (sync and async)
  • Alternate Reality Learning (Online Massive Gaming, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds; e.g., Second Life)
  • Real-Time Mobility and Portability (e.g., iPhone)
  • Networks of Personalized Learning (Blogs, RSS)

15 Predictions

  1. Five Billion “Have-Nots” Have at It!
  2. Emergence of Lifelong Super E-Mentors/Coaches
  3. Quarter-Century Learning Clubs
  4. Terabyte Learning Access Points
  5. The Veneration of Learning
  6. Personalization+ Portfolios
  7. The Selection of Global Learning Partners
  8. The Shared Learning Era
  9. Teaching-Learning Perpetuities
  10. Teachers, Teachers
  11. The Rise of the Super Blends
  12. Self-Determined Humans
  13. Free Learning Zones
  14. Authentic Learning Amalgamations
  15. Alexandrian Aristotles

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the recording. However, I have noticed a couple of things I would like to change:

  • Typically I take a second or two to cogitate after I hear something profound. Thus, clicking on my notes plays back the audio from a few moments after something of importance has been said. It would be nice to easily jog back 10 seconds from that point (rather than messing with the navigation).
  • I wish I could charge/sync the pen with a mini-USB cable. I forgot to bring the dock to Madison. The pen’s batteries ran out at the end of the first day (a better battery indicator would be nice too).
  • The pen does not have a clip. If I set it down on a fat surface it does have a tendency to roll (typically covering the microphones in the process).
UPDATE: PDF handouts from the keynote presentation can be found on Curt Bonk's TraningShare website.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

First full day of conference

Full day of events at the 24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. Managed to pack in as many presentations and workshops as I could following a 6:45 a.m. working breakfast (scary). Met many interesting folks. Filled my brain with ideas. Still testing the Pulse Livescribe pen here - unfortunately I neglected to bring a charger with me and the pen died during a Penn State presentation.... Somewhat ironic.
Curtis Bonk kindly agreed for me to share my Livescribe recording. This should be up Friday night/Saturday morning. Hope the audio came through.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

Arrived in scenic madison for the 24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. Looking forward to a great convention. 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Distance Teaching and Learning

This week I am at the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning in Madison, WI. Like all conferences there is a mixture of good and bad. Here are some of the useful resources I have now become aware of (in no particular order):

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