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Windows Surface Pro 3: Information Services Supported


Some good news for faculty and staff interested in the Windows Surface Pro - this is now a university supported option, and can be purchased via Procurement (Natalie Max would be the best contact). The Windows Surface Pro 3 has a larger screen than the previous 1 and 2, making it a much more usable device for teaching and presenting. This is a device that I think is worthy of consideration - the stylus allows faculty to annotate material on the screen (great with Open-Sankoré and screencasting).

Cost for a Core i5 with 8GB RAM, typecover, ethernet adapter, service plan and Computrace is in the region of $1,557.00. A similar i7 (faster) would be in the region of $2,187.00


Educational Uses of Microsoft Windows Surface Pro

On the 23rd July, 2013, I gave a one-hour session on "Educational Uses of Microsoft Windows Surface Pro" as part of the monthly Technology Tuesdays.

I have posted the accompanying video and resources here.

The Surface Pro is, as Microsoft describes it, a "laptop in tablet form." This combination of tablet (pen and touchscreen) and laptop functionality lends itself to pedagogical use. The Surface Pro can be the ideal teaching tool for some faculty.

Camtasia: Windows XP to Mac OS X


Had an interesting issue today whilst attempting to export a Camtasia camrec file on Windows XP. The export kept on failing (the program stopped responding).

Luckily, there is a way of getting the camrec file onto the OS X version of Camtasia:

“In Windows Explorer, right-click on the .camrec file and select Extract. An .avi file is created in the same folder.”

Problem (mostly) solved….

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